14 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day


Although I believe in finding small ways daily to take care of yourself, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse if you’re looking for a reason to indulge in some self care. I’ve compiled a list of 14 simple yet creative ways to show yourself some love on this special day.  And please remember when YOU take care of yourself, you are more capable of taking care of those that you love.

Now, go ahead and treat yourself on Valentine’s Day!

1. Text or call a good girl friend and schedule a get together. The scheduling piece is key as I’ve found if it’s not on the calendar it’s less likely to happen.  Know it can be as simple as inviting her over for a cocktail in your backyard, meeting for tea at your favorite local coffee shop, going for a walk in your neighborhood, or even finding a fun activity to do together (art class, book lecture, visit to your local museum, etc).

coffee shop
2. Try a new skincare or beauty product that you wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself. It can be a great Korean sheet mask from Sephora, a sugary lip scrub from Ulta, or a new red lipstick from Saks Fifth Avenue.

3. Write down your answers to the following questions (either in a journal, in the note section of your iPhone or anywhere else you can easily refer back to): “What am I grateful for?”, “What joys do I get from life right now?”, and “What makes me uniquely ME?”. Then anytime you are feeling down or stressed refer back to these answers for a dose of reality and a pick-me-up.

4. Enjoy a relaxing bath, complete with bubbles and candles! Try some wonderful bath salts like my favorite by Herbivore HERE for a relaxing, hydrating bath that also works for you, and don’t forget that creating the perfect atmosphere makes a difference!

Enjoy a relaxing bath

5. Pin point a hobby, interest or activity that you’ve always been interested in exploring and research away! Turn it into reality by booking that art class, signing up for that pilates class, or registering for that online class on a subject of interest.  Make it happen!

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6. Visit your local chocolate shop and indulge in some high quality chocolate of your choice. Instead of that drugstore Valentine’s Day candy, support local and treat yourself to some decadent chocolate made or sourced locally. For my Birmingham femmes, visit Chocolata and Honeycreeper Chocolate.

7. Try a new and interesting workout class either locally or virtually!  There are even some great YouTube videos available sure to get you moving from the comfort of your own home.

8. Bring the spa to your house in a small but delicious way. Try making some fruit infused water to sip on to ensure you meet your daily water needs in an enjoyable way. Cucumber is always a good idea, but for a more adventurous palette try lemongrass and ginger (my favorite), mint and strawberry or blueberry and lemon. To elevate the relaxation, consider adding THC tinctures from Grizzly Herb.

9. Get in bed early and pick up a magazine or book that has been collecting dust on your bedside table.  Enjoy some time reading, but of course if a new show on Netflix, Hulu, etc. has been calling your name, that’s great too!

10. Buy yourself a silk eye mask HERE or silk pillowcase HERE from Slip.  These Slip products are favorites of mine, and you’ll instantly feel pampered when getting your beauty rest.

 pillowcase11. Attend a fun, local (or virtual) Valentine’s Day event. Many non-profits in town are offering fabulous meals, experiences or decadent treats to pick up to enjoy with your loved ones.

12. Take an hour or two to completely unplug from social media, texting or your phone altogether and soak in some alone time! And curl up with a cup of hot tea and a book that’s been on your reading list.

13. Book a new (and oh-so-relaxing) treatment such as a massage, acupuncture, facial, or mani/pedi. Try something out of your new beauty routine, you may just love it!  I personally love a dermaplane + HydraFacial at Village Dermatology! I also recommend you to try those facial treatments in Raleigh, NC that can give you a healthy, shine-free skin, but how long after dermaplane can i wear makeup.


14. Make an arrangement of pretty flowers, which you can order online for same-day or next day flowers delivery. Who says you have to wait on someone to bring you a bouquet? Trader Joe’s has a fabulous assortment of flowers and greenery sure to be the perfect centerpiece for your table.

I hope this list inspires you to put yourself first! And maybe you’ll even find something you love and continue it all year long!


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