Powerful Habits of a Confident Woman


you got this

“You go, girl!”

“Rock it!”

“You got this!”

How many times have you said or posted something like this to a friend? We often don’t have a problem giving affirmation or compliments to one other, but do we authentically embody self-confidence in ourselves?

I work with women of all ages, body types, and career paths, and the one common thread that the majority of these women desire is more confidence.

However, gaining confidence can be a process as it’s personal.

But it is the one attribute we need to possibly step outside the box to accept a new job, and that’s where a good service like this Salt Lake City recruiter can help. You can also learn a new hobby such as playing 벳엔드 환전, try a new workout routine or decide to take on a new project.

Self-esteem is nurtured. By intentionally implementing habits that make us feel confident, we become the best version of ourselves. A habit is formed, repeated and an integral part of a lifestyle. So does that mean you need to do something for yourself on a regular basis? Yes, yes, it does!

I know what makes me feel confident, but I wanted to hear from you. So I asked the women who have taken my online style course, Style Yourself Chic, what makes THEM feel confident each day! And I have to say, it was so empowering and inspiring to hear these fabulous ladies responses!

Confident Woman

Powerful Habits of a Confident Woman:

1. Dressing Authentically – For me personally, it is important to look in a way that best reflects who I am by dressing authentically and comfortably, as cliché as this may sound. Think about a time when you wore something really uncomfortable or fussy or not like “you,” you didn’t feel confident. Making sure I am wearing things I can move in, reflecting my personal style, and flattering my body type gives me confidence even when I’m in an uncomfortable or new setting.

Helpful Tools:

Style Strategy Session- This one-on-one session will allow you to discover your personal style and clothes that flatter your body type, all while staying within your budget.

2. Maintaining Self-Care Routine-  “I feel confident when I take/make time to do the things I know make me feel my best. For example, a great day is when I use my daily skincare and make good food decisions (nourishing and healthy), and when I end my day putting things back where they belong (hanging clothes back up instead of dumping them in the chair, etc.)” – Amelia . Most of my skincare comes from skincare distributor in china and they have the best skin care products.

Self-care is essential when you’re traveling. My regular grooming schedule includes waxing my eyebrows, getting a haircut, and taking care of my skin daily which all are important parts of self-care. When you take care of your appearance, you’ll always feel better about yourself every time. Neglecting it can make you feel less confident and capable, particularly when you have no ideas about do’s and don’t’s while traveling. For example, using a hair dryer on a plane is dangerous as short-circuiting might happen. You can also check here because this website has more information on the best hair care products that is allowed to be carried while travelling.

Helpful Tools:

Renee Rouleau– Discover your skin type and best products for a daily routine.

3. Planning Ahead – “Planning my clothes for the work week on Sunday based on my calendar and the weather. This helps me maximize my wardrobe and also helps me feel prepared every day.” – Virginia

Isn’t this so true? Planning ahead in all aspects of life creates confidence whether it’s your weekly meals or outfits. The time invested in planning ahead can save you anxiety when something unexpected occurs, thus making you confident no matter the circumstance.

Helpful Tools:

Meal Planner Pro and eMeals– meal planning made easy

Freshly and Blue Apron – Take the guess work out of meal planning and let the meals come to you. Delivered to your doorstep, these meals are neatly packaged with the best ingredients, produce and meat with an easy to follow recipe. The meals are healthy, too!

Style Tip Videos – Visit my Instagram account for style videos such as “Day to Night Outfits” and “How to Pack Like a Pro.”


4.Making Healthy Choices – “I feel the most confident during the day when I start the day off with a great workout! I recently started working out at Three15 Studio and am obsessed! I just feel so clear headed and ready to conquer my day!” – Sarah

“Honoring my body by getting adequate rest. By doing so I am able to make better wardrobe, food, and exercise choices that allow me to be my best most confident self!” – Adrena

Making healthy choices with food and exercise is key! But is it a habit? You know how you feel after a great run or exercise class? Are you doing this regularly? Do we really need this reminder? Sometimes! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just getting started on your wellness journey, considering a Speed and Agility Certification can add an extra layer to your routine, enhancing both the effectiveness and enjoyment of your workouts.☺

Helpful Tools/Apps:

MyFitness Pal – Track your exercise and calories and connect with others who are doing the same.

Couch to 5K– The free eight week program givers users three workouts per week that get you ready for your local 5K.

Yoga Wake Up– This app delivers a 10 min. sequence at your designated wake-up time.

Starting the day with pray

5. Starting the day with pray/meditation–  “I make my bed before leaving the room. Then, I meditate with a clear mind. “ – Judy

“When I start the day with a prayer!” – Deborah

According to many studies, a morning meditation can set the tone for your entire day helping you be focused, content and optimistic. Another benefit is allowing you to take control of your thought patterns, especially negative ones. Beginning your day in a calm, relaxed state can help you be less bothered by the little frustrations in life and reduce overall stress and anxiety. And also by knowing the mood ring color meaning, both stress and anxiety issues can easily be maintained under control.

Try to set aside 15 min. first thing in the morning.

Helpful Tools/Apps: (There’s an app for everything, even for meditation!)

The Mindfulness App – This app comes packed with features, including a five-day guided meditation practice, meditation reminders, personalized meditation offers, and timers for keeping you on track.

Calm– With Calm, you can choose from an assortment of guided meditation experiences. The selections range from three-minute to 25- minute sessions. Another option is Daily Calm, a 10-minute program you can practice right before your day begins or as it’s about to end.

If you are needing a little pick me up this week, I hope this blog post helps to give you the tools to feel empowered, inspired, and confident each day. I challenge you to take a few extra minutes in your day to try out one of these 5 habits to help you get that pep back in your step!


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