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My baby boy turned one recently, and of course, this milestone has me reminiscing on the past year.  It has been bittersweet as the year has flown by, and I still cannot believe he is one and walking!  I’m beyond grateful for the community of mamas that have inspired me, educated me, and shared their favorite products with me this year.  From easy yet cute children’s clothing brands, lifesaver items for the new mom, and products that James absolutely adores at this new stage, I’m excited to share with you my current favorite items for my baby boy.  So whether you are a new mama too, or a grandmother or aunt of some precious soon-to-be one-year-olds, this blog post on “9 Month to 1 Year Baby Must-Haves”  is for you!


Below I’ve rounded up ALL of my my must haves for baby at 9 months to 1 year of age!

Baby Must-Haves

Barnett, James and I at his 1st birthday party that was Babar themed!

Favorite Clothing Brands:
  • H&M and Zara— Babies grow so fast, and thus quickly outgrow their cute clothes.  I find it’s nice to have a good amount of fast fashion clothing on hand in his current size, and in one size up to help ensure there’s always something on hand that will fit.
  • Marks & Spencer— This British based retailer has been a go-to since James was a few months old.  They have the cutest swimsuits, joggers, tees and more at a great price for my growing boy.
  • Angel Dear— My all time favorite pajamas as they are cozy and stretch so nicely! They go on easily after bath time, and really stretch as they grow.  They also make super cute little short suits for my active little guy!
  • Cadets–Cutest little shorts, and the perfect length! Be aware that they run extremely small, so size up perhaps even two sizes.
  • Magnetic Me— My second favorite pajama brand as the magnets make for super easy and fast closure!  And the magnets really do stay closed, all night too!
James in his Zara

James in his Zara retro-inspired short set and the cutest Converse!

Toys & Gadgets:
  • The lobster is the best gadget ever for eating out with James.  We don’t have to worry about finding a high chair, as it just clips right on the table and is ready for him to sit in.
  • When James was starting to show interest in walking, this scooter was the best!  We’d plop him in there and he’d bumper car himself around the house. It really helped him feel more comfortable moving around the house and learning to walk.
  • These blocks are so great as they allow for teething, building, banging together, and so much more exploration! Now that James is walking he likes to just carry these magic kits around with him.
  • We have been subscribing to the Lovevery Montisseori play kits since James was about 6 months old, and we all still love them.  They send us age appropriate toys, books and more every few months.  It keeps us from having to buy tons of toys, and it’s so nice that these toys are engaging James at the stage of development he is currently in.

Shop James’ Favorite Toys & Gadgets by clicking on the image and scrolling through:

Toys & Gadgets

James scooting around the house after his swim lessons!

play kits

James with his building blocks! That smiles says it all!

Health & Wellness:
  • Colds are inevitable at this age, especially if they are around other kids, so we keep these wipes everywhere!  They are more gentle than other wipes, and don’t irritate his little nose.
  • A healthy on-the-go snack that has protein in it that James loves, yes please!  We keep them in our diaper bag in these handy reusable containers.
  • To start introducing James to drinking out of a straw, we loved this adorable little honey bear. We started by first squeezing the water into his mouth, and eventually he learned how to do it himself.  The next water cup step has been the 360 cup. It’s pretty much no spill, and James enjoys holding the handles and taking sips himself.

Shop my favorite health & wellness products by clicking on the image and scrolling through:

These essentials for baby 9 months to 1 year have personally made a difference for James, Barnett and myself!  Most of these products will grow with your baby as he or she continues to reach new stages. Did you miss my 6 months must-haves roundup? Check it out HERE.


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