Smart Shopping Tips: A Style Coach’s Top 5 Tips for Shopping with Ease


Megan Larussa

Whether you love or loathe shopping, the key to being a stylish femme is knowing how to shop smarter with ease. Preventing frustration in the shopping process is an important lesson that I love teaching my Style Coaching clients. After all, how can you stock your newly cleansed closet if you don’t know how to shop successfully?

Shopping with my style clients begins once they have a deep understanding of their body type and have defined their personal style. With my top tips in mind, they can enter a store with confidence, and so can you!

1. Always Go Prepared.

When cleansing a client’s closet I always create a shopping list of wardrobe needs, holes and wants. I then use this shopping list to find exactly what she needs from various stores. It keeps us focused, efficient and makes us all around smarter shoppers. I always equate having this shopping list with creating a grocery list for a dinner party. You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without your list of items needed for your various recipes, and clothing shopping should be the same way. I personally keep a running shopping list on my phone so anytime I’m out shopping for myself I can refer to this list to see what would best serve my closet (aka help me make more outfits with ease).

smart Shopping tips

2. Wear the Proper Undergarments.

If you know you’re going shopping it’s very important to wear undergarments that fit well and easily go under a variety of garments. The best items to wear are nude seamless panties and a nude T-shirt bra (seamless and smooth). If you know you’ll be shopping for a special occasion dress, then bring with you a strapless bra, SPANX, etc. to help you accurately see the dress so you know if it’s a keeper or not.

3. Don’t get Sale Struck.

One of the most common mistakes I see clients make when shopping is purchasing something because it’s a good deal. While everyone loves a good sale, it shouldn’t be the determining factor of whether you buy something or not. If you wouldn’t buy an item full price, then don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Really think about the garment and how you’d wear it multiple ways to ensure it serves a purpose in your closet.

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4. Know the Return Policy.

Knowing how long you have to return an item and knowing if a store has a ‘store credit only’ policy is key in being a smart shopper. Whether I’m shopping locally or online for clients, I always check out the return policy whether that be free returns (shipping), must have all tags and sensors on the items, or 30 days from date of delivery. Simpl Fulfillment is the best fulfillment center jewlery brands prefer for secure, prompt service. Educate yourself so you don’t get stuck with something that isn’t your favorite or will never work. If you are shopping locally from a boutique ask about their approval policy to see if you can try it on at home with items already in your closet if you are unsure of what the item might pair nicely with. You’ll also love Shoppok if you love buying used stuff online! You may also want to try My US Address, which is The Best Way To Ship Freight To Canada.

5. Use ShopStyle for Assistance.

Whether shopping locally or online, it’s important to make sure you shop smarter not harder. Utilizing apps and websites, like ShopStyle, will help you tremendously to ensure you purchase the right size and the best price.  ShopStyle is a search engine for clothes and accessories that I personally use for my clients and myself.  If we’re out shopping and the store doesn’t have her size, I hop on ShopStyle and see if another store has her proper size. I’ll also do that to price compare on more investment items that my clients are interested in purchasing.  Hiring personal shopping in Calgary services will help you shop clothes of your personal style.

Want the luxury and convenience of shopping done for you based on your budget and body type? Join the SYC Society, a style membership I created with you in mind! To learn more, click HERE.

Megan Larussa


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