Eyebrows FAQs: All of Your Eyebrow Questions Answered


“When I was little I never thought eyebrows would be this important.” This statement could not be truer.

I also never thought my eyebrows would have their own triumphant story of overcoming years of plucking and over-waxing, which started when I was in junior high school when thin brows were “in.” This was the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, also known as the Friends era. Unfortunately, it did me a disservice. For one, thin brows are not best suited for my face shape, and secondly, it’s taken me a long time to grow them back.

Thanks to a team (Yes, a team!), my eyebrows are much fuller and on the road to recovery. One of my favorite resources has been Kristie Streicher of Striiike Salon in Los Angeles who I had a virtual brow consultation with to ensure that I knew the best shape for my face, understood how to shape them, and learned what to NOT pluck. (See her explain the most common eyebrow misshapes HERE. Look under her highlights titled “Shape.”)


Image Credit: Kristie Streicher

Birmingham local, eyebrow expert Angela King is my go-to gal! In between appointments with her, she has taught me how to shape and fill them in and the importance of not plucking in-between waxing to allow my hair to get on the same growth cycle.

I’ve done the research, sought professional advice, and have tried multiple products. Now I want to share with you how to achieve fuller brows, so I sat down with Angela for a little Q & A. (I bet you never thought eyebrow would be so important to you either, right?)


Q: Why are properly shaped brows so important?

Brows frame the face as well as lift your face. If they (eyebrows) are too far apart, they can make the nose look bigger. If too much is taken off the top, they can make the forehead look larger as well. If you have a long face, high arched brows can make the face appear longer.

Q: How do you know if the brow is the right shape for your face?

I use the nose and eyes for reference points. The nose is always at the center, so I use it as the guide. Many of my clients want their nose to appear smaller, and brows can help create this illusion.

properly shaped eyebrow

Image Credit: Kristie Streicher

Q: What do you do if your eyebrows are thinning and don’t match your face?

For thinning brows, I like to fill in with brow powder and an angle brush. I always start at the end since that’s where they tend to thin out the most or fill the thinning patches. I try not to fill in the front as much to avoid a boxed or squared off look and to appear more natural.

thin eyebrow
Image Credit: Kristie Streicher

Q: What are other ways to naturally allow your eyebrows to come back?

There are different eyebrow enhancer serums that work. RapidBrow is one that works and is pretty affordable. A more natural approach is castor oil. Most women like the enhancer serums the best.

Q: Do our brows need to be even or exactly the same?

No face is symmetrical. I haven’t met one person with a symmetrical face yet. There is always one side that’s stronger than the other. You can always tell because the hair line tends to go up further and the cheek bone higher. It’s best to let the brows be as natural as possible, and that means letting your brows be sisters not twins. You can also get Botox to even out your eyebrows if one side is dramatically lower than the other. This is something I [Angela] personally get done.

eyebrow questions

Image Credit: Kristie Streicher

Below are Angela and my favorite products for achieving fuller brows. Simply click the image and shop!

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