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How to Wear Activewear the Right Way

One reason I chose to be a Style Coach is because the work I do with clients is more holistic and comprehensive than simply creating outfits. While that aspect has its place, of course, my objective is to give my clients tools that they can work with in a way that empowers them to look […]

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How to Wisely Invest In Your Wardrobe

In college, I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Birmingham as I was determined to start working in the fashion industry. I worked all summer long in the handbags and sunglasses department and saved up (and used my Saks employee discount) to buy a pair of Chanel ballet flats. I had dreamed of these shoes […]

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The Most Wearable 2019 Spring/Summer Trends & How to Wear Them

Each season brings new trends, and I’m especially loving 2019 spring/summer’s interesting take on classic styles. As a Style Coach, I take great joy in educating my Style Coaching clients on what to shop for and most importantly how to style their trend driven pieces with their basics. While I love creating outfits for them, […]

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How to Style a Sneaker 3 Ways

As a Style Coach, I love taking a basic item and showing my clients how to style it many different ways. Of course at this point, we have cleansed her closet and replenished it with items, both fun and foundational. Foundation pieces are a must as they give you a base to build from. Once […]

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14 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Although I believe in self care and treating yourself year round, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse if you’re looking for a reason. I’ve compiled a list of 14 simple yet creative ways to show yourself some love on this special day. 1. Text or call a good girl friend and schedule a get together. […]

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