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The 4 Main Personal Style Types

As a Style Coach, there are two main topics that my Style Coaching clients and I dive deep into during our first sessions together: body type and personal style. Once these two are understood beyond a superficial level, they are ready to begin curating a wardrobe they love. Many of my Style Coaching clients are […]

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The basic. approach

Morris avenue, the cobblestoned street known for its vibrant and dynamic energy, is home to several creative and incredibly distinct stores. One in particular caught my eye for its attention to, awareness and promotion of conscious manufacturing and production, as it relates to fashion. Owner and Founder, Lacey Woodroof and her cousin Maggie sat down […]

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All of Your Eyebrow Questions Answered

When I was little I never thought eyebrows would be this important.”  This statement could not be truer. I also never thought my eyebrows would have their own triumphant story of overcoming years of plucking and over‐waxing, which started when I was in junior high school when thin brows were “in.”  This was the late […]

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How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways

Every woman needs a one‐and‐done jumpsuit! However, it’s important to not take this too literally and get stuck in a rut styling it the same way every time. After all, your wardrobe should consist of pieces that work for you and allow for mixing and matching to create various outfits for different occasions. When teaching […]

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4th of July Outfit Inspiration

As a Style Coach, I am always thinking ahead as my Style Coach clients are needing assistance in planning their outfits for various vacations and holidays. And I personally enjoy any chance to dress up for a special occasion. The 4th of July is quickly approaching and why not use this opportunity to have a […]

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