Comfort Shoe Brands for Women That Offer Stylish Selections

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Comfort is KING when it comes to footwear! But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it for style. As a Style Coach, I work with many women who have foot issues, so understanding their need for both comfort and style is important. Thankfully, certain shoe brands for women are making more stylish comfort selects, and on the blog today, I am sharing my favorite shoe brands for women below!

Comfort Shoe Brands


Casual Sandals & Flats


Stylish Sneakers


Comfort Shoe Brands


Comfort Shoe Brands

Style Tip: When selecting a dressier shoe, choose one with a block heel or with a SLEEK wedge for the most flattering & stylish shoe that is still comfortable. 
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  1. Robin

    I just discovered a hopefully comfort shoe brand similar to Vionic. I ordered two pair of sandals & fingers crossed they will be both comfortable & stylish shoes.

    The brand’s website is:

  2. Madelon Rushing

    What brand is the pale pink sneaker? Available in store in B’ham?
    Thank you for tips and ideas! Very helpful!

  3. Priyanhsu

    Nice list of shoe brands


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