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Many moons ago when I moved back to Birmingham after living in New York City, I quickly saw from both personal and professional experience that the fashion industry itself is often unrelatable to the average woman, making it challenging to navigate on her own. I realized you could have all the clothes you ever wanted but if you didn’t understand body type, authentic personal style, and how to put it all together it wouldn’t make getting dressed any easier.

Throughout these 10 years of working with amazing clients, I have really learned how crucial it is to give women the toolbox to dress for their unique lifestyle, body type, personal style. I realized that if I only helped you clean out your closet or just took you shopping,  it wasn’t going to stick and you’d be back in your style rut in no time.


The education piece and my more holistic Style Coaching process allow us to not have to keep recreating the wheel, it puts a why behind what we are picking out, why it works, and why you love it! I love to teach my clients how to ‘rinse, wash, repeat’  with outfit formulas and insight into knowing how to put things together so we don’t have to always start from scratch.  Your life is going to evolve and change and your style needs will too. I want you to see you don’t have to understand all of this inherently and that I can empower you to spend less time in front of the mirror and more time living your life and feeling great about yourself!


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