Fall Fashion Trends 2020: Best Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall And Winter

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Trends, love ’em or hate ’em, you can always count on them to keep things interesting! While you may find it exhausting keeping up with them or even find some to be unrelatable, trends do have a place in a woman’s wardrobe. They keep your outfits looking modern and current, even when you are a classic femme. Adding trend driven pieces to your wardrobe can be as simple as a piece of jewelry or a new style of jeans. And when paired with some of your favorite items in your closet, you’ll create a fresh look for the season. Today, I will share some cute fall fashion trends of 2020 with you.

From chunky cardigans to relaxed jeans, these fall fashion trends of 2020 may be the most comfy yet!

Fall Fashion Trends 2020

fashion trends fall winter 2020

Shades of Brown

fall fashion trends 2020

Brown is officially back! If you like this rich hue, then have some fun with it by pairing it with other shades of brown for an all-over tonal outfit. A striking color combo is camel + black or chocolate + red. Honestly, the options are endless when it comes to this color, and you are sure to find the right shade perfect for you since it’s a neutral!

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Cropped, Relaxed Cardigans

fall fashion trends 2020

Say “adieu” to your long oversized cardigans and dusters (that truly aren’t flattering on anyone) and “bonjour” to cropped, relaxed ones. These chunky third pieces create an instant effortless image and don’t hide your shape. Pair with your favorite graphic tee and jeans or belt it with a midi length dress for an ultra modern outfit! You really can’t go wrong with how you decide to style the relaxed cardigan.

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Straight Leg or Flare Denim

fall fashion trends 2020

While your skinnies are still safe to wear and continue to be a classic, why not try a new denim silhouette like the straight leg or crop/full length flare? Wearing one of these denim styles will give your go-to outfit formula a fresh take! The relaxed legs provide comfort and a modern edge.


Giving into trends doesn’t mean you have to don them from head to toe. Choose one to try out, and if you are like many of my Style Coaching clients, it will quickly become one of your favorite pieces to wear all season long!


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