Outdated Fashion: 5 Outdated Items to Toss (And a Stylish Replacement)


Poodle skirts, 80’s power suits… these are obviously outdated items. Crop tops? Flare jeans? Is your head spinning yet? Fashion tends to come full circle, and over the years, you may have been glad you didn’t get rid of certain pieces as they made their way back onto the scene. It can be daunting to keep up with the trends.  Of course, classic pieces are always essentials, but do you really know if what’s in your closet is in style? Are out-of-date pieces lurking around the corner of your closet, and worse, are you wearing them?!

Just because it still fits you or you see the item in stores does NOT mean it’s in style. Some stores continue to sell items that are top sellers long after they’ve expired. Luckily, I have created a list of five outdated items that you’ll want to get rid of now and a stylish replacement. Yes, it’s that urgent! After all, it is my duty to keep you looking chic at all times! So buh bye to the past, and hello, to present day! If you need some cash to buy new clothes, you can play games such as sip777.

5 Outdated (Must Get Rid Of) Items

Square & Round Toe Shoes: These shoe styles are never a flattering choice, and they also happen to come in and out of fashion. These two factors make round & square toes a no-go when selecting a new shoe or cleansing your closet as your shopping money is better spent elsewhere.  Instead, opt for an oval or pointed toe shoe as this toe shape is always flattering and always in style!

Square & Round Toe Shoes


Single-Breasted Blazers with 3 or more buttons: The classic blazer shape is a single-breasted blazer with a low stance v-neckline with 1-2 buttons that hit at a flattering place around your natural waist. Unless you have the body type to wear a double-breasted blazer that has numerous buttons, avoid this style.  But more importantly, cleanse any single-breasted blazers with 3 or more buttons as they look dated.

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Capri Pants: Moral of the story any pant style that hits right at your calf muscle is both dated and unflattering. I often hear from women that the capri pant is a good shorts alternative but opt for an ankle or bermuda length instead as capris will instantly date you.

Capri Pants

Jersey Maxi Dresses/Skirts: While midi length dresses and skirts are very much in style, the jersey maxi dress (often with an empire waist) and skirt belongs in the early 2000’s and not in present day. This is especially true for any maxi dress or skirt with a bold print.  If you prefer the maxi to the midi length, then select a dress in a crisp cotton or flowy silk or poly-blend for a more current look.

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Asymmetric ‘Shark Bite’ Hem Tops: We’ve seen them everywhere the past 5+ years, the hemline that angles down or perhaps looks like a shark bit the center of the top creating a jagged asymmetric look. While this top style was never particularly chic, it’s now dated and should be cleansed from your closet.  For a more flattering and classic look, try a t-shirt or button-down with a shirt tail hem.  This style is particularly flattering if you have broader hips as it softly curves in the front and back vs. a straight across hemline.

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  1. Christine

    I am 69, tall and very thin. I love skirts. Being a little boho & country western, maxi skirts are in style for my age group. Give me some ideas. PLEASE! Thanks, Christine

    • Amy

      This was very helpful without even getting off the couch I already know of 10 things I’m getting rid of that have been in my closet but I haven’t worn. Now I know why – time to go! Thanks!

    • Cynthia Engel

      As an age 68 Boomer? I couldn’t agree more. Many of us resonate with the Boho vibe. I pair maxi skirts with classic style tops. Another friend does totally Boho…and looks elegantly herself.

  2. Roxanne Baker

    This was extremely helpful to me. I’m going to be 60 this year and although that’s what the calendar says I’m a very young 60. I struggle with age appropriate dress. I don’t want to dress like I’m 20 but I also don’t want a 60 something frumpy. TY for the advice!!

  3. Cindy Dayton

    Thanks for the tips! Great fashion advice.

  4. Liz R

    Doesn’t a midi dress hit your legs in exactly the same spot that capri pants do? I don’t see why one is okay and the other isn’t.

    • Penelope

      Maybe the dress gives a longer look and doesn’t cut you in half like the capri pants would.

    • Elaine

      Capris belong n the 50’s or 60’s & they should stay there where a Bermuda short or “cigarette” pant , I think they were called. More classic & classy. Then don’t ruin it w/ a baggy shirt or shirt that is too long.
      Sometimes if u have a special place to go, or just a regular lunch w/ a friend – put your best look out there. U will feel better & so will everyone else who sees you

    • Elaine

      A Capri pant is just so out of style. What else do u want someone to tell you. They r not flattering, especially the ones I’ve seen people wear… they look inexpensive, some r too baggy too. If it’s warmer weather, you should wear shorts. If u feel u need to cover yourself choose Bermuda shorts or a cigarette pant. & spend a couple extra bucks & invest in items that r really good looking that u will feel good & proud in.

      • Lisa


    • Ooah

      Well said

    • Cindy

      I love my summer capris. Living in the South, they work – and I think it’s a cute look.

  5. Dean

    Thank you for this. I need exactly this. I may not agree to getting rid of the “out” , but at least if I know, I may not wear it .
    I will replace my blazer, so for that I thank you.

  6. Nitza

    Thanks for the article. These are all things I avoid! Being 5’2”, I don’t care for long tees (shark bite/high-low tops) or Capri length pants.

  7. anita

    This is so helpful, thank you. I’ll get rid of my capris which I suspected but now I know.

  8. Lizgrabke

    Thanks for the great information

  9. Jean

    Oh no! No capri pants? But I live in them…..

    • MK-Style

      Me too. This no-on -Capri thing rolls around every few years making those of us who dislike shorts and are too hot in ankle length miserable. I also despise the super short Bermuda types as the alternative. I get ever so tired of hearing it as I actually feel by now they are a standard wardrobe staple especially for warmer climates. I say a nice pair that’s retro of the 50s and 60s is still fine and classic. Maybe just avoid the overly causal sloppy ones unless your gardening or around the house?

  10. Jani Allen

    I am an 82 year old — going on 60.
    However my clothes look old!
    So, my project is to make me look updated and
    Just maybe pretty.
    I love classic/feminine clothes.

    Definitely, I need help to do this!

    • Anita A.

      Jani You have inspired me and confirmed what I needed to hear! I am 64 and love life and fun and want to feel as contemporary as possible, embrace my beauty and personality. Your now my mentor too. Bravo Jani. Hope you reach out with a more.

  11. S Baker

    Good to know Thanks! but the jersey maxi dress is so much easier to wear than the midi length dress. That doesn’t seem like a good replacement. Maxi can be worn with flat comfy sandals, midi not so much. Any other suggestions for maxi replacement that is just as easy and flattering? Also are cold shoulders out?

    • Sheila

      I am 5’4 and the midi length is a def no-no both with capris and dresses! But I love my black jersey maxi with an eye popping bold necklace. I am in total agreement with you!

    • MK

      Agree. I don’t like midi length no matter their popularity unless I can wear them with tall boots. I plan to wear updated modern maxi dresses regardless of the midi trend.

  12. Cory

    Although I admittedly have a few of these items…I know you’re spot on!!! Thanks for the sensible reminder.

  13. Marie

    Friends don’t let friends wear capri pants! I am petite (5 ft. tall), curvy and almost 60. I stopped wearing capri pants a few years ago and replaced them with bermuda shorts. They cover what needs to be covered but don’t make me look dumpy. Thanks for the great advice.

  14. Francis Burroughs

    I am 72 and agree with most of these. I have never liked boxy jackets or capris. I am 72 nd 5″8″ and maxis make me look dowdy, as do midis.


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