Five Outdated (Must Get Rid Of) Items


Poodle skirts, stonewashed jeans… okay, those are obviously outdated items. Crop tops? Bell bottoms? Is your head spinning yet? Fashion tends to come full circle, and over the years, you may have been glad you didn’t get rid of certain pieces as they made their way back onto the scene. It can be daunting to keep up with the trends. Of course, classic pieces are always essentials, but do you really know if what’s in your closet is in style? Are out-of-date pieces lurking around the corner of your closet, and worse, are you wearing them?!

Just because it still fits you or you see the item in stores does not mean it’s in style. Some stores continue to sell items that are top sellers long after they’ve expired. Luckily, I have created a list of five outdated items that you must get rid of now. Yes, it’s that urgent! After all, it is my duty to keep you looking chic at all times! So buh bye to the past, and hello, to present day 2017.

5 Outdated (Must Get Rid Of) Items

Square Toe Shoes: This shoe style is never a flattering choice, and also happens to be a style that comes in and out of fashion. These two factors make it a no-go shoe when selecting a new shoe or cleansing your closet as your shopping money is better spent elsewhere.

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Blazers with more than 2-3 buttons: The classic blazer shape is a single breasted blazer with a low stance v-neckline with 1-2 buttons that hit at a flattering place around your natural waist. Unless you have the silhouette to wear a double breasted blazer that has numerous buttons, avoid this style.  But more importantly, cleanse any single breasted blazers with more than 2-3 buttons as they look dated.

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Capri Pants: Moral of the story any pant style that hits right at your calf muscle is both dated and unflattering. I often hear from women that the capri pant is a good shorts alternative but opt for an ankle or bermuda length instead as capris will instantly date you.

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Jersey Maxi Dresses/Skirts: While we’re seeing midi length dresses and skirts this season, the jersey maxi dress (often with an empire waist) and skirt belongs in the early 2000’s and not in present day. This is especially true for any maxi dress or skirt with a bold print.

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Asymmetric ‘Shark Bite’ Hem Tops: We’ve seen them everywhere the past 5+ years, the hemline that angles down or perhaps looks like a shark bit the center of the top creating a jagged asymmetric look. While this top style was never particularly chic, it’s now dated and should be cleansed from your closet.

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