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Home Organization with Organize Bham

There’s no better time to get organized than the new year!  Couple that with the arrival of your first child in June, and I can assure you won’t be lacking in motivation. I guess it took the excitement of Baby Chenoweth to get my husband and I to tackle certain areas of our home.We’ve been forced to slow down a bit, which has allowed us the time to assess our organizational needs and determine how our home can run more smoothly.

We teamed up with Alex Sasser of Organize Bham to do her organizational magic in our master bathroom and kitchen. And I’m in heaven now! Even though I cleanse (clothing) closets regularly for my clients, this process made me realize the value of having an expert help cleanse the other areas of my home. Spending time on the areas that were neglected and having someone encourage me to let go of things I no longer needed or used was so fulfilling.

We first started with the master bathroom, and worked our way to the kitchen. Now Barnett, the chef in the house, can whip up his favorite dishes with ease knowing where everything in the kitchen lives!

I hope the images below inspire you to tackle those dreaded areas, big or small. Being organized makes a difference in how your home functions (believe me, I know!).

Master Bathroom


Not only was Alex’s expertise much needed in our home, but she was also a joy to work with! Since she is a fellow entrepreneur, I was definitely interested in knowing more about her business to share with you, and she obliged by answering a few of my questions.

1. What motivated you to start Organize Bham

I started looking around my own home one day and questioning why we had so much stuff. There was so much clutter and so many household items and goods we weren’t using. Why did I own 4 strainers? Why did I have 10 cookbooks I was never going to use? Then I went to my parent’s home and looked around with this same mindset. I quickly realized I couldn’t see the floor in the laundry room. I couldn’t see in the pantry. The office was unusable because of the papers everywhere. I knew I could make it better. I knew other families could benefit from the resource of Organize BHAM coming in and looking at the space and seeing how to improve which then improves lives, stress, anxiety, worry.

2. Have you always had a knack for organization, or did you realize it was an important habit to have later on in life? 

I was born with the ability to organize. My dorm room was spotless. I always make my bed. My school notes were always written perfect with bullet points and color codings. But I didn’t realize how important this quality would be for my future. I now get the greatest joy in helping others become organized because I realize everyone doesn’t have it naturally. And that’s ok.

3. What are some practical, beginner tips you would give to the reader who struggles to get started on an organization project? 

Start small! Start with a drawer. Empty it out. Eliminate what you don’t use or need. Categorize similar items together. Put those items back in.

4. How have you seen the power of being organized impact your life, as well as the people you help? 

In my life, being organized, has helped my family see that everything has a home. When everything has a home, there are no piles. There is no mess. There is no clutter. Our home is never in disarray because we are in a constant state of pick up. We don’t leave our shoes by the door. We put them away. We don’t leave the mail in a pile. We take care of it right in the moment.

5. Which space in a house would you say is the hardest to keep organized, and how would you advise readers to take caution from clutter? 

The pantry is hard for a lot of people. No matter the size, it’s tough. My biggest advice is to implement some type of system so you know what items you have, and therefore, you don’t overbuy. We go into homes and find six bottles of soy sauce that are half empty. If we knew what was inside and if we could see everything, we wouldn’t overbuy.

There are so many deals constantly being shown at the grocery store too. Secret tip: In Publix when it’s “buy one get one free,” you can just buy one for half off.

6. Describe the feeling you get after you transform somebody’s space.

It’s a weight lifted off of their shoulders, and mine. I had a mom text me a few minutes ago saying what a difference the pantry was this morning because lunch took half the time to make. When systems are implemented and everyone is on the same page, life runs smooth.

7. Did you ever imagine yourself doing something like Organize Bham?

Honestly no. I never thought I would be a business owner.

8. What did you do before, and did it lead you to where you are today? 

Before Organize BHAM, I have been in sales positions. I now have toddler twins, and I realized very quickly, I wasn’t being the best mom because of my work obligations. Running my own business has allowed me to drop what I’m doing and pick up my children if they are sick at school, or take them to a doctors appointment.

9. What is your favorite part about what you do?

Not everyone has time to go through the cans in the pantry to see what is expired. Not everyone has energy to declutter a playroom that has collected five years of toys. Not everyone enjoys cleaning out a junk drawer. But I do, and I love helping others. I enjoy it, I have the energy, and I have the time to help any one in any space.


Click here to download Alex’s top tips for staying organized. To learn more about Organize Bham’s services, click HERE.

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