Transition Weather Outfit Ideas: How to Dress for Transition Weather


As a Style Coach, I often get asked on how to dress during the transition time when winter is turning into spring. It’s chilly in the morning, warm during the day, and back to cool temperatures at night-  not to mention, all those spring showers!  (Mother Nature, make up your mind! Come on, May, bring me those flowers already!)

While you are waiting for spring to make its official appearance, use these tips below to dress your best in the interim.  Now you can face the day and weather with confidence.

Style Tip: A transition weather must have is a tailored neutral trench coat. Toss it on in the morning to beat the chill, and leave it off when it warms up in the late afternoon.

Dress for Transition Weather

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Style Tip: Color is IN this spring! So on those crisp early spring days toss on a sweater or long sleeve blouse but in a poppy, springy hue to help you ease into the new season in style.

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Style Tip: The #1 way to dress stylishly and effortlessly this spring is light layering. Don’t hesitate to throw a light weight third piece (like a bomber, denim jacket or blazer) over a spring dress to be practical and pulled together.

how to dress for transition weather


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Style Tip: White jeans are a year round basic. And they can help you transition beautifully into spring. Pair them back with light layers, like a tee and cardigan, and close toe shoes.

how to dress for transition weather

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Need more transition weather outfit ideas? Snag the Runway to Reality: Transition Weather Edition HERE. This guide is specially made for this time of year with items to shop directly! Turn those inspirational images into reality!


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