Sneaker Styling Tips: How to Style a Sneaker 3 Ways


As a Style Coach, I love taking a basic item and showing my clients how to style it many different ways. Of course at this point, we have cleansed her closet and replenished it with items, both fun and foundational. Foundation pieces are a must as they give you a base to build from. Once you have these basic items then the fun begins!
One of my favorite items in my closet are my stylish sneakers. Because my job often entails a lot of movement, I find it a must to invest in casual, polished items, like stylish sneakers, that will allow me to create various types of outfits.


With a few style tips and outfit ideas in your arsenal, you’ll be equipped to create your own sneaker-based ensembles effortlessly!


How to style sneakers 3 ways- jeans, blazer and turtleneck
Style Tip: A muted gray is one of my favorite neutral shades, especially for a pair of stylish sneakers.  They look especially on point when styled with a pair of denim, whether that be dark wash, white or gray.  The color of the sneakers simply ‘goes away’ and allows the rest of the outfit to speak for itself.  In this winter weather outfit the sneakers tie the look together due to the light gray tissue turtleneck worn underneath my cream embellished jacket.
Megan Larussa
Style Tip: I love any chance I can get to rock my sneakers with a casual dress for a comfy, daytime look.  This is perfect for a day spent shopping with clients when I am on my feet for hours at a time.  The muted gray color almost blends with my legs to continue the vertical line of my silhouette, aka they are flattering when worn with a dress or skirt.  I can wear them with a more neutral outfit, like this one, or one that incorporates bold colors or prints.  A denim jacket is the perfect finishing touch to help the sneakers make the dress feel casual and transition weather appropriate.
Megan Larussa

Style Tip: These sneakers can truly be worn year round, including on vacation in Mexico!  I wore them to travel in and was thrilled at how comfy and easy they were for the flight.  I paired them with a breezy jumpsuit, again showing the versatility of the color and style of the sneakers.  They work with this jumpsuit as they allow the color and print of the jumpsuit to be the focal point, and the length of the jumpsuit (more ankle length) works perfectly with sneakers as it’s not too long.

Now, you’ll be reaching for your sneakers more than you ever thought you would! For more outfit formulas and personalized styling advice through shoppable guides & videos, join my membership community, the SYC Society!

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