Swimsuit Shopping: How to Buy a Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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Swimsuit shopping can be daunting (understatement of the year?!) BUT it doesn’t have to be so painful when you know how to shop for one for your body type. As a Style Coach, I’ve had LOTS of practice when it comes to helping clients select the most flattering one for their silhouettes.


I’ve had countless Style Coaching clients tell me post swimsuit shopping together how easy, painless and successful it was when we knew what their body type is AND which swimsuit styles and brands are best for them. In my new blog post, I am sharing my top tips for selecting a swimsuit for your body type so your next swimsuit shopping trip is a success! Solve your swimsuit woes by implementing my style tips below!


Know your body type. That is the first thing I do with my Style Coaching clients, and the first thing I have my Style Yourself Chic members do.  By knowing your body type you can then easily assess a swimsuit, whether it be in person or online, and determine if it’ll flatter your figure or not. This will save you so much time and energy (and probably sanity!) trying on swimsuits as you’ll avoid ones that are just never going to work. For example, if you are an hourglass you want to focus on styles that have a wrap-like silhouette, or even princess seams. If you are more of a triangle, then a swimsuit with an off the shoulder or boat neckline can be very flattering. If you want to improve your figure before the bikini season starts, you may consider body contouring procedure.

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Swimsuit for Body Type

Be Honest.  When I am shopping for swimsuits for a client I always ask them what areas they would prefer to conceal, AND which areas they wouldn’t mind accentuating.  For example, I often have clients that don’t love their upper thighs so we go with a cute skirted swimsuit.  Or a client that has had multiple c-sections and prefers to have her tummy concealed, so we focus on high waisted bikinis or ruched bottom one pieces.  But you can’t just focus on the areas you want concealed, you also have to accentuate the positive!  I know this can be challenging as women because we can be too hard on ourselves, but I believe in you!  If you have a pretty collarbone, then why not get a swimsuit with a pretty ruffled or detailed neckline.  Or if you have a more defined waist, then opt for a swimsuit that’s belted at your natural waist.  When you are honest with yourself you are able to really hone in on the swimsuits that will really serve and flatter you.

How to buy swimsuit

It’s All in the Details.  Swimsuits nowadays have so many nuances that can make them challenging. From how high they are cut up the leg, to the seat coverage, to the amount of support in the bust.  Really think about your preferences and needs and then find a swimsuit that checks all of your boxes.  When online shopping for a swimsuit, I always look at what it says about ‘seat coverage’ (aka how much of your bottom it’s gonna cover).  If you prefer a more modest suit, then make sure you are looking at suits that say ‘full coverage’.  If you have a larger bust, then finding a swimsuit with underwire or good support is important.

Swimsuit shopping

Give Yourself Some Grace.  It’s not always easy to try on swimsuits, especially after the winter and spring when we’re used to seeing ourselves more covered up.  But remember at the end of the day we are often our own worst critics.  Others are not staring at your ‘pale’ thighs or your ‘untoned’ arms, that might be what you see, but know others are not hyper-focused on that (and you probably have FAB thighs and arms, so give yourself a break!).  If you focus on the tips I’ve shared above about selecting a flattering suit and then ROCK it with confidence, then no one will think otherwise.  You’ve got this!

By implementing my swimsuit shopping & style tips, you will find success in finding a flattering swimsuit that you are both comfortable & confident in, just like my Style Coaching clients have!

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