Black Blazer Outfit: How to Wear a Black Blazer 3 Ways


Having a wardrobe that consists of foundational items is key in successfully putting an outfit together with ease. These basic pieces should serve you in a variety of ways, which is a concept I teach my clients when assessing their closets and shopping.

The black blazer, for instance, is not just for work attire. Once you begin to see how your basics can be styled in many ways, your eyes will be opened to a new world of fashion and endless possibilities. (No, really, it’s true!) When first meeting with me, many of my clients can only envision certain clothing items paired together. This mindset greatly limits one’s ability to create outfits and will put you in a style rut quickly!

See how I have styled the black blazer three ways below! (Think outside the box- you really don’t  have to wear it with just the matching black slacks and button up! 🙂 ) How to Wear A Black Blazer 3 Ways

Casual:  Throw on your black blazer (sleeves rolled or pushed up!) over a nice t-shirt for a very Parisian Chic look.  Allow the tee to best reflect your style.  That can mean a classic white tee, a striped tee, or a graphic tee (my personal fav).  Pair it back with more of a casual jean, flats and a cross body bag and you’re ready to look polished casual.

 Black Blazer 3 Ways

Evening: A black blazer is very understated and cool for an evening look.  It looks best worn with a pair of dark wash jeans and a silk shell.  Select the jean style based on your body type, and don’t forget a pair of heels or wedges to give you some elevation for evening.  A clutch is the finishing touch on this look.

 black blazer 3 ways

Work: A third piece is essential for looking professional and polished at the office.  A black blazer that fits you beautifully is a must have as it can be paired back with a pencil skirt, a sheath dress, and a wide variety of pant colors.

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