How to Wear a Jumpsuit: Best 3 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit


Every woman needs a one-and-done jumpsuit! However, it’s important to not take this too literally and get stuck in a rut styling it the same way every time. After all, your wardrobe should consist of pieces that work for you and allow for mixing and matching to create various outfits for different occasions.

When teaching my Style Coaching clients how to curate a wardrobe they love, I always encourage them to look at the items in their closet or when shopping and determine its versatility. Can it be dressed up or down? Does the color allow for pairing it with accessories and third pieces easily? If the answers are “no,” then you may want to reconsider the item to ensure you will wear it more than once!

Below I have styled a favorite jumpsuit of mine 3 ways to show you just how versatile a jumpsuit can be for both day and night (and how much fun it is to mix and match!). Below given are the best 3 ways to wear a jumpsuit in style:

Casual Look with Denim Jacket

Casual Look with Denim Jacket:

Denim jackets have made a huge comeback over the past few years, and they make the perfect summer third piece! I prefer a light weight, stretchy one that can help pull together an outfit AND fight off the intense A/C during the summer months. By pairing this must have basic with my vibrant yellow, cotton jumpsuit it helps keep my look casual and relaxed. Also, notice my sleeves are rolled up (always a flattering choice) and I’m sporting a pair of straw slide sandals to look polished yet casual. A wrap bracelet and my go-to hoops finish off the outfit, and out the door I go!
Casual Look with Silk Scarf

Casual Look with Silk Scarf:

When it’s just too hot for that third piece (like a denim jacket), a silk or cotton scarf is an easy way to pull together your casual jumpsuit look. I selected this vintage scarf that tied the outfit together with a similar color palette–yellow! When pairing 2 colorful items together it’s important to select a more subtle color from one of the items to tie the two garments together. This will prevent a matchy-matchy look. Complete the look with neutral jewelry, like a metallic slide and neutral cuff or a tiffany hardwear bracelet, to avoid looking over done.
Evening Look with Block Heel Sandals

Evening Look with Block Heel Sandals:

A cotton jumpsuit can absolutely be made evening appropriate too with the right accessories. A neutral block heel sandal is a go-to choice as it elongates the legs, which is especially important when you are rocking a culotte-style jumpsuit. Fun statement earrings in a complementary color (like navy) add a pop, as does the straw and wood clutch. When doing a solid garment, like a yellow jumpsuit, adding in texture is a must to create a more interesting and polished look.
To create a look like mine, assess your wardrobe and determine the items you need or want. Shop below for similar items I am wearing (and brands I highly recommend):

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