How to Wear the New Jean Styles of 2022

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Navigating new styles each season can be daunting especially after these past two years of staying in more and working from home. The reality is that styles have changed quite a bit, and you probably noticed that upon shopping again and having places to go!


I am covering the new jean styles that have emerged and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. While I believe in the sentiment of wearing what you love and not trying every trend, I also believe it’s important to stay current (even if you’re a classic femme)! As your Style Coach, I’m here to help!  I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the new jean silhouettes and how to wear them below!



Flare Jeans:

Style Tip: The most universally flattering flare silhouette, whether cropped or full length, is fitted in the thigh area and then it flares at the knee.  If you are going to wear heels with this cropped flare silhouette, it’s important that the jean hit either at or below the ankle bone.  If there is too much skin showing between the jean and the shoe it will look off balanced.

Photo | Anthropologie

Style Tip: A fun bootie looks great with this style of jean on those that are average to tall in height.  If you are more petite, it’s important for the jean + bootie to blend and elongate your legs.  To ensure the bootie ties in nicely with your outfit it needs to relate to your top.  For example, in this outfit the black in the print of the boot relates to the black shirt.  Lastly, half tucking or fully tucking your shirt (even sweaters) into your jeans is vital for a flattering look.

Photo | Mango

Style Tip: If you love a full length flared jean, it should hit 1-2″ off of the ground with your shoes on.  It’s always most flattering to wear a heel (block heel is great) with full length flare jeans.  Also, notice how the outfit feels tied together by the brown tone bootie and the brown tone sweater vest.

Photo |

Style Tip: Sneakers are great with a crop flare jean too!  Opt for a pair that’s sleek and that ties in with the rest of your outfit (ex: white sneaker + white tee).  A hip length blazer (anything longer can become unflattering) with this style of jean creates a polished ‘upleveled casual’ look.  And again notice that the shirt is tucked in with this style of jean.


Photo |

Style Tip: A wider leg cropped jean can look super cool on some silhouettes.  Those with a curvier bottom might want to avoid this style as it can broaden you.  The turtleneck coverage is balancing out the wider leg style jean, and the shoe color ties in nicely with the color of the sweater.  With a wider leg jean, ankle length is best AND your shirt should always be tucked in.

Straight Leg Jeans:

Style Tip: Straight leg jeans look best when they hit right at or right above the ankle bone– the ankle bone is key!  Half tucking is always better than leaving the shirt or sweater untucked.  And sneakers are a great casual shoe pairing, but the jeans need to be short enough as to not bunch on the top of the sneaker.

Photo |

Style Tip: Mules are another great flat shoe option with straight leg jeans.  The pointed toe creates a sleek, elongated look.  Notice how clean the outfit is with the shirt fully tucked into the jeans.

Photo | Pinterest

Style Tip: A block heel sandal or pump is a great shoe option for elevating your jean look.  Toss on a blazer with a blouse or tee for a polished yet effortless look.

Photo | Anthropologie

Style Tip: Clogs have made a comeback and look great with a cropped straight leg or flare jean (aka right above the ankle). The blouse is fully tucked in for a more flattering look, and the belt (belts are back too!) ties the outfit together nicely.


Photo | Instagram: @jenesaisquoithe

Style Tip: Straight leg jeans can help create a fantastic ‘high low’ look. A ‘high low’ look means you are mixing juxtaposing items for a more interesting look–in this case a casual pair of jeans with a heeled sandal AND a great tee with a dressier chain link necklace.  Notice how the black sandal and the black tee relate to one another, and how she fully tucked in her tee with this jean silhouette.

Your favorite top + denim outfits are instantly refreshed and current with one of these silhouettes. Implement my tips when selecting and styling your next pair of jeans.

Need more style assistance but not sure where to begin? Take my Style Quiz below! 

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