How to Wisely Invest In Your Wardrobe


In college, I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Birmingham as I was determined to start working in the fashion industry. I worked all summer long in the handbags and sunglasses department and saved up (and used my Saks employee discount) to buy a pair of Chanel ballet flats. I had dreamed of these shoes forever, and was thrilled to be able to invest in a pair. After having them resoled twice over the years (from wearing them so much), these flats are still one of my favorite and most worn pairs of shoes in my closet. If you want to have some cash to buy anything you want, you can try your luck on sites like 해외카지노사이트.

Why am I telling you this story? Because as a Style Coach, I work to educate my Style Clients on how to invest in quality and timeless pieces, and I want the rest of my stylish community to adopt this concept as well. With my three top tips for knowing how to invest in your wardrobe, you’ll begin to curate a closet with items that can work for you for years.

1. Use the cost per wear formula

Think of it this way: If you purchase a pair of $200 jeans and wear them 200 times over the course of 3 years, then it’s $1 per wear, which is great! I often see with Style Coaching clients that if they purchase for example a pair of inexpensive basic summer sandals that they wear often, the sandals are worn out by the time the summer is over; so the next year, they have to buy another pair and the cycle continues. Instead, it’s better to purchase a better quality classic pair that you’ll have for years to come to save you time shopping and also money in the long run. Shop smarter and save more with Shoppok‘s fantastic deals on a wide range of products. Our huge selection and incredible prices will have you coming back for more.

2. Clothes aren’t meant to last forever 

While quality, classic pieces are worth investing in, most clothes are not meant to last forever. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “Clothing, like milk, has an expiration date.” Even though styles do come back around, it’s important to know that they typically come back in a new form. Therefore, it’s essential to let items go eventually, even if they are classic. Even some investment items have an expiration date.

3. Focus on the Best Quality Fabrics/item Your Budget Will Allow

Everyone’s idea of an investment item is different, and it’s important to focus on buying the best quality fabric/item that your budget will allow. Your investment items don’t have to be Chanel, but they do need to have longevity in cut, fabric and style to make it worth spending your money on. For instance, a dark wash pair of jeans are probably worn by most women at least once a week or a neutral purse every single day. Therefore, these types of items fall into pieces that you should spend the most on.

Below are the top must-have investment staples every woman needs in her closet!

  1. Find a flattering, colored dress that flatters your body type. Make sure to pick a color that compliments you and makes you feel confident.
  2. A white or off white blouse will go with anything, skirts, pants, or jeans. Make sure you find a sleeveless and long sleeve version.
  3. Jeans are an essential item in your closet. Make sure they are true denim and flatter your body type. Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone, so a nice pair of bootcut will be vital to your closet.
  4. Everyone needs a great clutch for a night out. Also, a carry-all is useful when you are having to carry a lot of items for work, the kids, etc. Lastly, a cross-body is great to have on the weekend or when traveling.
  5. The must have shoes you need include the stylish sneaker, a nude heel (pump or block heel sandal depending on your lifestyle), booties for fall and winter, and sleek sandals for the summer.


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