My Favorite Stylish Maternity Brands & Pregnancy Must-Haves

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As a Style Coach, I am often helping a client navigate how to dress for a new stage of life, such as a new job, pregnancy, or even retirement. I was not too concerned when I became pregnant and would have to dress my new growing bump as someone who educates women daily on dressing. But as you may have suspected, it’s quite different when you are personally experiencing these changes… especially when it’s your body that is changing!

From speaking engagements to closet cleanses, I find it a must to have a variety of clothing to mix and match for the various things on my agenda. And of course, the clothing I wear has to be comfortable and flattering; we all deserve that!  After some online shopping and a little trial and error, I discovered a few new maternity clothing brands and have also realized how much I love the ones that I was already recommending to my Style Coaching clients.

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Favorite Maternity Fashion Brands & Outfit Inspiration

Discover a handful of my favorite maternity clothing brands and retailers that I have personally worn so far and recommend to my Style Coaching clients:

  1. Quince (for sweaters)
  2. H&M
  3. Hatch
  4. Rent the Runway (for renting maternity jeans, as well as stretchy non-maternity dresses that fit the bump)
  5. Motherhood Maternity
  6. Shopbop(for good quality maternity jeans)
  7. Kindred Bravely
  8. Ingrid & Isabel
  9. Mango (love their jeans)

Below are pictures of some of my maternity outfits during my second & third trimesters.  I hope they’ll inspire you, or your pregnant loved ones, to dress in a way that makes you feel your best during a time when there is so much change.


Pregnancy Must-Haves:

In addition to maternity brands and retailers, I have also discovered several products that have helped ease the many ups and downs of pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy Pillow- I have loved my pregnancy pillow!  It has been a sleeping game changer, and has really helped me feel more comfortable when napping or sleeping at night.  As I have grown, the pillow continues to support me as I flip from side to side during the night.
  2. Magnesium Lotion– Soothing body lotion with magnesium calms and helps with those annoying nighttime leg cramps. It also helps relax my stretched belly muscles and prevents stretch marks.
  3. Maternity Belly Band – This belly band provides gentle support for the hips, back, and pelvic as well as other common uncomfortable stretching experienced during pregnancy. The pregnancy belt provides the lift you need to keep up with daily activities.
  4. Sleep Mask- I’ve found being pregnant that my senses are all very heightened, which can make sleeping soundly challenging.  A sleep mask used to be something that I just used only when traveling, but now I use it nightly and I sleep so much better!  It really blocks out any excess light (like a baby monitor).
  5. Ginger Nausea™ Tea – This tea has been so helpful to sip on throughout the day as the nausea has been on-going throughout this pregnancy.  I love the taste as the ginger is combined with chamomile, lemon balm, a hint of mint and a twist of orange!  In early pregnancy when I couldn’t stomach anything hot, I would make a batch and then put it on ice after steeping.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies– If heartburn is a problem for you as your sweet baby presses on your tummy and slows digestion, then these gummies are a must.  To be eaten alongside a meal, they really help combat heartburn and acid reflux by aiding with digestion.

Scroll by clicking the arrow & click each image to shop! 

Whether it’s finding comfortable and flattering maternity clothing or a product that eases the discomfort of pregnancy, as an expectant mother I am all for anything that helps even just a little! I hope that my recommendations can do the same for you as you grow and change to welcome your precious baby into your family!


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