Maternity Fashion: My Favorite Maternity Outfits & Pregnancy Must Haves Brands

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As a Style Coach, I am often helping a client navigate how to dress for a new stage of life, such as a new job, pregnancy, or even retirement. I was not scared of what it would be like when I became pregnant and would have to dress my new growing bump as an expert who educates women on how to curate their wardrobes and dress in the most flattering way for their body types. But as you may have suspected, it’s quite different when you are personally experiencing these changes… especially when it’s your body that is changing!

From speaking engagements to closet cleanses, I find it a must to have a variety of clothing to mix and match for the various things on my agenda. And of course, the clothing I wear has to be comfortable and flattering; I am a Style Coach after all! After some online shopping and a little trial and error, I discovered a few new maternity clothing and fashion accessories brands and have also realized how much I love the ones that I was already recommending to my Style Coaching.

In addition to maternity brands and retailers, I have also discovered several products that have helped ease the many ups and downs of the first and second trimesters. (Hello, hot flashes & nausea!) 

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Below are the maternity clothing brands and retailers I have personally worn so far and recommend to my Style Coaching clients as well:

Favorite Maternity Fashion Brands & Retailers:

  1. ASOS
  2. Old Navy
  3. H&M
  4. Hatch (for basics; I snagged their basic tees during their Black Friday sale)
  5. Rent the Runway (for renting maternity jeans, as well as dresses that fit the bump)
  6. Motherhood Maternity (found at Macy’s)
  7. Shopbop (for maternity jeans, like Madewell, Paige and JBrand)
  8. Kindred Bravely (for maternity underwear)
  9. Ingrid & Isabel

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maternity must haves product

    1.  Ginger Lozenges- I had pretty bad nausea for the first 18-19 weeks of my pregnancy, which is never fun!  To be honest nothing really made it disappear but certain things definitely helped it subside. These ginger lozenges were very helpful, especially when in client appointments, to help me feel better.
    2. Favorite Drinks: I am a huge tea drinker, and so lemon ginger tea was my go-to in the early stages of pregnancy to help with nausea.  I loved this kind from Yogi BUT as my pregnancy continued I started being hot 24/7, so a hot beverage was out of the question (challenging for someone who used to drink hot tea 2-3 times a day!).  So I needed a cold alternative, and have found Vitamin Water Zero lemonade and Natural Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale on ice have been life savers for nausea.
    3. Natural Deodorant- Since I have been quite toasty during my pregnancy, I’ve found that keeping an easy to use deodorant on hand has been essential!  I am trying to use all natural, clean products and thus have been loving this spray deodorant from Ursa Major that actually works!  I keep it in my work bag for quick and easy use.
    4. Pregnancy Pillow- I have loved my pregnancy pillow (as have my dogs)!  It has been a sleeping game changer, and has really helped me feel more comfortable when napping or sleeping at night.  As I have grown, the pillow continues to support me and keep me back from hurting from sleeping.
    5. Belly Butter– As my belly grows I want to prevent stretch marks and keep my skin moisturized, and this Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is helping!  I use it daily after I shower.
    6. Heating Pad- My back tends to get tired and tight after a full day of work, most of which includes me standing.  This microwavable heating pad is beyond helpful at night and feels amazing!  I love using it before bed to help me get as comfy as possible.
    7. Magnesium Supplement– I also have been experiencing leg cramps, especially when trying to go to bed…so fun haha.  But taking a magnesium supplement an hour or so before bed has been so helpful in allowing my muscles to relax and for me to get some quality sleep.
    8. Sleep Mask- I’ve found being pregnant that my senses are all very heightened, which can make sleeping soundly challenging.  A sleep mask used to be something that I just used only when traveling, but now I use it nightly and I sleep so much better!  It really blocks out any excess light or movement!
    9. Prenatal vitamins are something I started taking about a year before becoming pregnant.  The ones I love and take daily are by Pure Synergy vitamins. I also have been taking Super-B Complex, which also helps with nausea.
    10. The Bump app is super helpful and informative, for both myself and my husband, in just knowing what to expect on a weekly basis. It tells us what I can expect from my body that week, as well as what the baby is doing and how he is growing.

Shop My Pregnancy Must-Haves below!

Whether it’s finding comfortable and flattering maternity clothing or a product that eases the discomfort of pregnancy, as an expectant mother I am all for anything that helps even just a little! I hope that my recommendations can do the same for you.


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