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I’ll never tire of sitting down with a cup of hot tea and a thick copy of Vogue! What is it about flipping through the pages of a magazine that brings about so much inspiration? I really derive my inspiration from a variety of sources and frequently get asked what they are as a Style Coach. Today, I am going to share the names of my favorite stylish women over 50.

Throughout the years, I have looked to many stylish femmes that prove style is ageless! Their chic way of putting outfits together effortlessly and how they continue to stay authentic to themselves while also evolving in their style has always enamored me. If you’ve caught yourself saying, “No, that’s not for me. I’m too old,” take a lesson from these stylish women over 50 that I personally find inspiring when it comes to style!

This list of stylish women over 50 consists of fab femmes with a variety of styles ranging from the risk taker to the timeless & classic, proving there’s no right or wrong way as long as you’re true to yourself. Let them inspire you to dress stylishly no matter your age.

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston is a huge fan of keeping it simple, but oh, so chic!  She’s often seen in a white tee, which she tends to wear with jeans and a blazer, a tried and true outfit formula that she’s been wearing for decades. She is also seen in other classics such as black dresses & jumpsuits and button-down shirts. Spanning from denim to tailored silhouettes, her style is timeless and rarely ventures into what’s trendy. Throughout the 90s during her Friends days to now, she proves that once you find what you like, stick with it (just keep it current).

Cate Blanchett

Photo | Who What Wear UK

Cate Blanchett, the 50-year-old actress always looks elegant and graceful. However, she is never afraid of making an impact with her styling choices as she is often seen mixing classic items with statement-making pieces.  Cate boldly rocks runway pieces in the most wearable way such as embellished gowns, bold accessories, and voluminous accents.

Viola Davis

Photo | People Magazine

Viola Davis tends to stick to sleek, tailored silhouettes that flatter her beautiful figure.  And she often opts for solid jewel tone and bright hues that flatter her skin tone.  She’s definitely not afraid to create a statement with a fun sleeve, cut out a detail, or bold color, but in a sophisticated way.

Allyson Walsh

Photo | Instagram @thatsnotmyage

Allyson Walsh is a fashion journalist and author of Own Your Style and Style Forever. Most often seen in jeans and trainers, jumpsuits and jackets, she calls her style “Gentlewoman.” She states in an interview with The Silver Women,  “The older I get, the more I appreciate this androgynous approach, where everything is carefully considered but nothing looks too ‘done.'” I love the motto on her style blog That’s Not My Age: It’s not about age, it’s about style. Visit her website HERE.

Grece Ghanem

Photo | Instagram @greceghanem

Grece Ghanem is a personal trainer and has taken the digital world by storm, inspiring women of all ages with her ability to wear intimidating trends and make them seem approachable and almost timeless.  Her 2020 look revolves around vibrant colors, animal prints, wide-leg trousers, and pleated skirts. Ghanem doesn’t shy away from trends but also has a way of making classic pieces seem cool with a slight edge. Check out more of her style HERE.

Sophie Fontanel

Photo | Instagram @sophiefontanel

Sophie Fontanel is a writer, fashion guru, and Instagram celebrity; her style is quintessential Parisian cool as she is remarkably effortless yet pulled together! In a Forbes interview, she describes her style:  “I have integrated the style of the sixties (my youth) and I mix it with my mother’s style (Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn) and the actual mood (sneakers, for example). It’s always quite feminine, but with a boyish and freestyle touch.” Take a look at her Instagram page HERE.

Carine Roitfeld

Photo | Pinterest

Former editor in chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld’s style is iconic. Her trademark style is a pair of stilettos, silk blouse, and pencil skirt. In an interview with Stylist, she states the keys to dressing are owning black skirts, keeping your pieces classic, altering your clothing for the best fit, and knowing your silhouette. (A woman after my own heart – these are the concepts I teach to my Style Coaching clients!)

Natalie Massenet

Photo | Vanity Fair

Natalie Massenet is the founder of Net-A-Porter, the ultimate shopping destination for luxury fashion. Her style is always polished and on-trend with a “rebellious twist.”  As a businesswoman and creative visionary, her style reflects professionalism and flare.

Take a lesson from each of these stylish women over fifties who have discovered what she feels good in, keeps it on repeat, and has crafted a style unique to herself!

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  1. Julie Ensign

    This was SO well done…

    These ladies each and collectively personify ageless style.

    Merci Beaucoup, Megan!
    Julie Ensign

  2. Mary Jo Dortch

    Love the jeans and trench on Greece Ghanem – do you have info on brands of each and where to order? Thanks so much!


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