The Most Wearable Hues & Prints of Fall 2019


As a Style Coach, I look forward to working with my Style Coaching clients during the busiest time of my year, which is the fall season. My days are filled with shopping and outfit making, and helping them dress for upcoming special events. As we work together to curate their wardrobe, we always start with their basic, investment pieces first (i.e. black pants, dark wash jeans, etc.), which sets the foundation for creating outfits. Then, we move on to the “more fun” items and incorporate the trends that most resonate with them. (Because at this point, they have a deep understanding of their personal style). It’s a rewarding process as their style and confidence evolve.

I love seeing my Style Coaching clients have an epiphany when they realize trends are not just reserved for the 20 something’s. But when worn in a way that reflects their most authentic self, they actually look forward to the season’s new looks.

This year, we are seeing autumn’s classic hues reemerge as brilliant and bold, neutral tones worn from head to toe, and animal print of every kind everywhere! Below I share the most wearable hues and prints for the fall season along with style tips, of course:

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Style Tip:

Our classic mustard, rust, and plum hues are bolder and brighter than ever, especially when paired together! If you’re not ready to brave an all-over autumnal outfit then start with a bold blazer, top or handbag to ease into this fearless look.

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Style Tip:

If you’re a minimal, neutral loving girl then you will be right at home this season. But being intentional is the name of the game to successfully execute a head to toe neutral palette. Tailored and structured pieces like a blazer as your third piece help to pull your outfit together.  This simple look can be surprisingly interesting when paired with items of varying textures.

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Style Tip:

Animal print is a classic, but it’s making a big splash this season! (And I’m not mad about it!) We are seeing animal prints of all kinds from leopard and cheetah to snake skin. Although animal print can feel ‘wild” to some, it really can be beautifully understated when paired with neutrals.

Now, the fun begins! How will you incorporate these colors and prints into your fall outfits in a way that reflects your personal style?

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