Postpartum Outfits: My Best Post Pregnancy Clothing Tips for Moms

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The months following the birth of your newborn is a special time, one that shouldn’t be rushed as you become acquainted with your little one. Your body has experienced much change, and while you may feel pressured to “bounce back” quickly, I instead want to offer some postpartum outfits ideas to help build confidence for where you are NOW, so you can fully embrace the present. I have helped numerous clients with this in-between postpartum phase, where you aren’t wearing maternity clothes but you’re also not back into your pre-pregnancy clothing either. Now I’m experiencing it firsthand!

Although I’m missing my favorite jeans, I am embracing the in-between and enjoying the challenge of finding flattering clothes for my body postpartum and applying these tips below! Here is a knockout post that you can read to know more about this in detail.

I hope you’ll find these postpartum pregnancy clothing tips helpful as you become comfortable in your own skin again!

1. If you are a nursing mama you definitely want an ensemble that buttons down or easily pulls down.  I’ve found that is a definite must for myself, and for my new mama clients!  Keep in mind you may find you need to size up from your pre-pregnancy clothing size to fit ‘the girls’ into your button down dress or jumpsuit (my favorites).

Postpartum Outfits


2. Postpartum it’s important to find items that don’t make you feel self-conscious about your tummy.  I have to remind myself it took me 9 months to grow my precious little boy, and it takes time to get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Something that helped me wrap my head around that fact was your uterus expands to hold a baby and needs time to get back to it’s normal small size.  A-line dresses work wonders for all body types as they are both comfortable and flattering during this time.

Postpartum Clothing


3. Fabric is key when selecting postpartum attire.  You want garments that are machine washable and are soft for your sweet baby to snuggle against.  I have found for myself and my new mama clients that fabrics with some stretch to them are best as they allow for comfort and easy movement.

After Birth Outfits


4. You’ll notice I’ve selected all ‘one and done’ outfits meaning dresses and jumpsuits that don’t take brainpower to throw on.  These are easier postpartum when you are sleep deprived and focused on your new baby.  I also found these ones and done outfits were more comfortable personally as there wasn’t a waistband to worry about!

Post Pregnancy Clothing

5. My personal goal is to steadily work my way back to my pre-pregnancy size (it’s a marathon, not a sprint) and that means not being able to immediately fit back into my jeans or other pre-pregnancy clothes.  Since the goal is to get back into my clothes eventually, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on ‘in-between clothing’.  This is something I’ve helped clients with and now find myself in the same boat.  You want clothes that make you feel good while you lose the baby weight without investing a lot.  This is where fast fashion retailers come into play.  I’ve found lots of great casual dresses (all under $100) on sites like Mango, H&M, and Target.  I’ve also found Rent the Runway Unlimited to be helpful during this time to avoid having to buy a lot in the interim.

Postpartum Dresses


6. Undergarments are crucial during this time!  I have been wearing Kindred Bravely nursing bras and they are fantastic.  They are comfortable, supportive, and allow for nursing + hands-free pumping.  I’ve also enjoyed their underwear, especially the ones that are lower rise to hit below my c-section scar.

Remember, you were a part of bringing this little miracle into the world; give yourself some grace but also know you deserve to feel good, no matter your size or shape right now. Enjoy implementing these tips, and check out my postpartum must-haves Now.



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