Scary Fashion Mishaps

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By: Morgan McDaniel, a Megan LaRussa Intern

Halloween is right around the corner, so what better time to share a scary story! Personally, I can handle any slasher movie with grace, but going out in public in a top that is (surprisingly) sheer is my definition of a nightmare! Have you ever felt the wave of panic in your body when you suddenly realize you are having the infamous “wardrobe malfunction?” Unfortunately for me, I have to say I have been a victim of this sensation on numerous occasions. But on the flip-side, I have become a master of fixing them in a pinch!  Without further ado, here’s a scary fashion story for you…

I was running late.

I had a formal event that evening, and I was running behind. To make matters worse, in the rush and excitement of the night to come, I forgot my dress at home. It was a repeat outfit, so I was thrilled when my friend suggested I wear something of hers. When I arrived, we relaxed and laughed as we did our makeup and hair. My friend laid out numerous gowns for me to try on. She had collected them through the years of formals and balls, and they were all simply stunning. As my eyes roamed the expansive amount of options, I looked closer to see that we might have a small setback. The size tag. They were all 0’s. I most certainly was not a 0. Feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, I suggested I drive home to fetch my own dress. Get More Info to know how to seek attorneys help in case of accidental injuries. Well,my friend insisted I at least try one on, “just to make sure”. I locked myself in the bathroom, to avoid embarrassment. To my surprise, the dress glided up and on and hooked at the top. I began to zip it, and of course…

The zipper was stuck.

The dress was so tight, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I tugged at the zipper but it wouldn’t budge. My friend was knocking on the door, asking me how it looked. I promptly began to freak out. I didn’t want to ask for help, but I also didn’t want to tear the dress. Quick on my feet, I remembered I had read about using lip balm on stubborn zippers.  Guess what–it worked like a charm!  Free from a sticky situation, I was relieved to run home to my own perfectly fitting gown.

If you’re ever in a pinch, try some of these fashion mishap hacks!

-To get rid of embarrassing deodorant stains, rub with a dryer sheet over the stain

-Masking tape and staples are great secret weapons to solve ripped seams and torn hemlines

-If you go a little crazy with your Chanel No. 5, dab the area you spritzed with rubbing alcohol to neutralize

-Use a splash of water or some hairspray to fix some frustrating static cling

-For a sweater snag, take a safety pin and poke the pulled thread back through the back side of the sweater.  Then, fix the pulled thread in place with the safety pin on the inside of your sweater

-And for extra precaution against fashion mishaps always keep Tide to go pens, Downy Wrinkle Release Spray and Fashion Tape with you!

Happy Halloween Stylish Femmes!!



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