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The SH: Proenza Schouler Homme

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Proenza Schouler Homme


First, I want to give Megan LaRussa a BIG congrats on her rebrand (throwing confetti!).… Personally speaking, I’ve known Megan through‐out her journey, and I have to say she’s one of the hardest working and most inspiring people I know.  Boy, does she know her stuff!  Oh yeah, let’s not get started on her celebrity factor (though she won’t admit it! #Humility)! Cheers!!


Proenza Schouler rose up the fashion ranks with their line of handbags (sans logos) that seem to be a modern take on a man’s briefcase.  It is probably one of the most creatively inspiring women’s accessories brands that I’ve grown to love during the 2010’s. Designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, both Parsons School of Design graduates have shaken up the main‐floor of Barneys on Madison Avenue and even in boutiques across the country in the quaintest luxury towns (including Birmingham!) with their “anti‐it” bags and other products.

Why am I sharing my love for Proenza Schouler with you? Because they have a VERY small collection of mens pieces that have debuted and I’m here to share my favorites and a few other recommendations.



The Southern Homme’s Favorites


Proenza SchoulerPS1 New Extra Large in Navy, $1,900.00




Proenza Schouler — Extra Large Buffalo Messenger Bag in Black, $2,350.00 — Available here




Proenza Schouler — Toiletry Bag in Navy, $350.00



Other Recommendations


Proenza SchoulerPS1 Extra Large Backpack, $2,290.00 — Available here



Proenza Schouler — Smith Bag in Black, $1,550.00



Proenza Schouler — Smith Bag in Java, $1,420.00



Proenza Schouler — Toiletry Bag in Java, $490.00


I hope you enjoyed the post! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at or comment below! ↓




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