Style Lessons I Wish I Had Learned in My Twenties

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When you look back over the past decade or two, have you noticed the evolution of your style? Your style should change and grow with every stage of life you enter (certain styles should be mere memories – hello, low rise jeans). Even as a Style Coach, there are are some style lessons I wish I had known in my twenties, but I’m quite grateful for the journey (leaving the Big Apple and all!).

Here are some style lessons I wish I known in my twenties, and hope you can find them helpful no matter your age!

1. Work to accept your unique body type AND accept the fact that not all clothes are meant for all body types.

When I lived in NYC I tried to wear all of the trends and often felt like something was wrong with my body that I couldn’t wear all of the different styles in a flattering way. Once I learned my body type and the styles and brands that worked for it, I felt so empowered and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It wasn’t my body that was ‘wrong’ after all. I learned that the clothes should work for my body, and not the other way around.

My online style course SYC 101 will help you determine your body type, personal style and more. Learn about it HERE.

2. Give yourself grace as you try to hone your unique personal style as it takes time. It also takes experimentation to determine what you love and hate when it comes to prints, styles, lengths, and accessories.

When shopping with my clients, we always focus on quality basics that they need, some more fun personality packed pieces, and then a few ‘wild card’ pieces that stretch you. A wild card piece is something you like the idea of and that looks good on you, but that is out of your comfort zone. Purchasing a few wild card pieces like custom apparel helps you to grow and evolve in your style vs. getting stuck in a style rut.

Learn about the 4 main personal style types HERE.

3. Skincare is all about prevention.

My mom thankfully really instilled skincare into my daily regimen growing up as she personally saw the value of a consistent skincare regimen.  But it didn’t really click for me in how important skincare really is until I started working with women of all ages through my Style Coaching.  My clients and I often discuss skincare during our style sessions together– the importance of prevention, what products or skincare services to do, and also what to do when you have been neglecting your skin for decades. I have Ciao Bella Aesthetics to thank for my glowing skin. Clients often tell me they wish they had started a consistent skincare regimen sooner, but I whole-heartedly agree it’s better late than never!

See my daily skincare routine HERE.


I always remind my Style Coaching clients that their style journey is a marathon, not a sprint. However, if you look back and see your style hasn’t evolved then perhaps you need a boost of inspiration and style knowledge to get out of a style rut!
Get started below by taking my short style quiz!


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