Summer Outfits: Inspiration to Reality


When working with my amazing Style Coaching clients we talk a lot about how to get out of a style rut. One of my favorite ways to dial in some inspiration, and start making some fresh outfits (aka get out of your ‘uniform’ and kick your rut to the curb) is by taking inspiration images and making them a reality.

For my clients it often seems daunting at first to look at an image on Instagram, Pinterest, their favorite blog, or a magazine and decipher how to make that particular outfit their own. This is where knowing your body type & what’s MOST flattering on your silhouette comes into play. It’s important to review an inspiration image and before recreating it determine the best way to make it right for your body.

Once you nail down how to make it flattering on you, then the fun part is putting together all of the pieces of this stylish outfit puzzle! Think of it as a game, as opposed to a chore, and let your imagination run wild…this is meant to be fun 🙂

I’ve shared 3 fabulous & oh-so-stylish summer inspiration images below. And to kick start your stylish journey, I’ve found items at a variety of price points for you to shop, thus helping you take these inspiration images and make them a reality for YOU. Enjoy!

1. Summer Casual Look



Inspiration to Reality Style Tip: If you aren’t a cut off denim shorts femme, then opt for a pair of ankle length distressed jeans instead to achieve this same ‘cool’ yet understated casual look. Simply click the items below to shop & snag this look for yourself:

2. Summer Evening Look


Inspiration to Reality Style Tip: Black and white looks fresh on your next date night when done in a modern way, like with these culottes. A little lift is always important with this pant style, so don’t forget your favorite pair of heels. Simply click the items below to shop & snag this look for yourself:

3. Summer Work Look

a2f41902f64c256df7691766984a0680Inspiration to Reality Style Tip: Pattern and color 100% belong in the work place when done in a chic and effortless way. Subtle prints and color pops infuse personality into your work wardrobe, and leave you feeling confident, strong and stylish. Simply click the items below to shop & snag this look for yourself:



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