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$27 a month

Looking and feeling stylish everyday shouldn’t be so hard!

If you find yourself:
  • Struggling to manage your time day‐to‐day and never having a moment to focus on you
  • Spending a lot of time browsing social media for style inspiration, but not knowing how to turn that into reality
  • Trying style subscription services but never feeling they were tailored to you, your personal style, your budget, or your figure
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your current closet and not having the time or knowledge to fix it
  • Wanting to look and feel current and in style but not knowing where to start, or even where to shop

Then the Style Yourself Chic Society is for you!

I see incredible, smart, beautiful women like you who are so consumed with the day‐to‐day of life, that they forget to focus on the most important thing: THEMSELVES. Between work, kids, after school activities, relationships, housework, meetings, social lives — your own style, self‐care and confidence is often an afterthought (or forgotten about entirely!)

But here’s the thing: you and I both know that when you’re looking and feeling good, you feel confident AND can master anything that comes your way! So it’s vital that you look and feel good first.

And if you’re saying: ‘But I don’t have time to look and feel good!’ — I hear you!

That’s why I’ve created the Style Yourself Chic Society — an online style community packed with every effective tool and tip you need to become your most stylish & confident self with ease.

The SYC Society is designed for busy women like you, with easy to access videos and guides to save you time and money while showing you how to look pulled together for all occasions.

How Style Coaching Has Changed My Life


When I first started my business, my passion and mission was to empower, educate and inspire women to dress for the life they desire. I too had struggled with my style journey, feeling frustrated, insecure and overwhelmed by all of the options out there…

Today, 8 years later, I am so thankful to have kicked my style rut and any insecurities to the curb, and I’m lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of women all over the globe to do the same for them through 1:1 Coaching and my group style program Style Yourself Chic. And now, it’s time to guide even more amazing women to geniunely love getting dressed through the society.

I know you’re busy and have a million things on your to do list, but I also know that you want to look and feel great while you’re doing them. And while it might seem that you don’t have the time or money to invest in yourself or your wardrobe, I’ve designed Style Yourself Chic Society to ensure it’s completely affordable and easily accessible for you.

Because I believe in the kind of world where women like you radiate with confidence in everything they do.

What you’ll find in The Society

Style Yourself Chic Society is divided into 3 main sections: Curating Your Closet, Shop for Your Budget, and Dress for Your Body Type. Under each section, you’ll discover style videos and shoppable guides to help you with any style question you may have – so you’ll know exactly how to dress with style every day and for every occasion!

Here are just a few examples of what you will find!

Click on the 3 icons below to learn more about the fabulous topics that you’ll get instant access to upon joining the society:

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Curating Your Closet

When you open your closet and see an array of mismatching clutter, you’re bound to want to close the door and just put on the outfit you wore yesterday, again! In this section of the society you’ll find everything you need for a cleansed & organized closet that caters for every single occasion, and that incorporates a mixture of your personal and professional style.

From the must have accessories every woman needs in her jewelry box to what to wear for every special occasion, you’ll learn how to create a wardrobe you love and that reignites the fun back into getting dressed!

Shop For Your Budget

So you’re scrolling through Pinterest and find the kind of outfit you’d love to wear, or new skincare range you’d love to try, only to click through and discover you might have to remortgage your house in order to buy it! We totally understand — but are absolutely committed to showing you that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be chic and stylish.

We’ll be sharing shoppable guides catered for different budgets, from outfits, shoes, makeup and skincare, and everything in‐between, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you, your style and what you want to spend.

Dress For Your Body Type

If you’ve ever wanted to make shopping easy and know exactly what will look great on your specific figure, understanding your body type is the key. Here you’ll be able to decipher your unique body type through my exclusive guide, and what styles, cuts, and shapes to wear that best flatter YOU so you’ll always know exactly which clothes (in the stores and in your closet) will make you look and FEEL great every day.

From which jeans are best for your body type, the right sunglasses for your face shape, to which seasonal trends are most flattering for YOU, I’ll show you how to dress in a way that makes you feel effortlessly chic every single day. Not to mention the content in this section will ensure you look slim and trim without hitting the gym!

And each month new items will be added to each section so you will never be alone on your stylish journey, and you’ll always know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’.

You’ll also get access to my personal favorite items that you can shop yourself straight from the Society site! (Imagine this as your very own shoppable Pinterest‐style board to meet your budget and body type!)

Plus, you’ll receive forever access to a stylish, private Facebook community!

Once you purchase the Style Yourself Chic Society…

You’ll get instant access to:

Style Videos

a variety of videos from quick tips to 10 minute style how-to’s

Body type guide

so you can learn exactly what your body type is and how to dress it with ease (so you’ll always know what looks great on your specific silhouette!)
Body Type

Style Guides

step‐by‐step guides that show you exactly how to take inspiration to reality when getting dressed for all occasions, not to mention allow you to easily click and shop my hand‐selected items

Community support

forever access to the Facebook group where you can ask your society sisters all your stylish questions like ‘Should I buy this?’ ‘Does this suit me?’ (Because let’s face it, your loved ones don’t always give the best response!)

Plus added extras

such as shoppable pages with all of my favorites, from dresses to skin care and more!

You’ll also receive weekly guidance from me sent direct to your inbox on how to best utilize all of your content!

Join the Style Yourself Chic Society

Style Yourself Chic Society

What You Get:
  • Monthly membership to your style community
  • Forever access to a stylish Facebook group
  • Megan’s Body Type Guide
  • Style Guides, Style Videos, items to shop, and more!


What all will I get once I join the Style Yourself Chic Society?

Once you join the Style Yourself Chic Society, you will instantly get access to all style videos, how to PDFs, shoppable guides, shopping pages based on your specific needs, and even more stylish goodness that is currently on the society. You will also receive a welcome email that provides suggested first steps in order to help you get the most out of the society (aka get you the results you want).

And then each week, we will add more style content to help continue your stylish journey!

How long will I have access to the Style Yourself Chic Society’s guides and videos?

The Style Yourself Chic Society is a monthly membership program that is set to automatically renew until you tell us otherwise. This means that you can have access to the Society for as long as Megan LaRussa is around, and as long as you are a member. 🙂

What is my commitment level when I join the SYC Society? How does the cancellation process work should I decide to opt out?

The Style Yourself Chic Society is a month to month membership site, and each month of your membership is $27. This means that you can sign up and join in on the stylish fun at any time, and unsubscribe when needed as well. In order to cancel your subscription you simply go to your ‘My Account’ section of the SYC Society site and follow the unsubscribe instructions. You must cancel before the end of your month (a month from whenever you sign up) in order to not be automatically renewed for another month of style. Most SYC Society members continue to automatically renew their subscription month after month as they get new and current to the season content every week that they love.

I’m not tech savvy. Will this impede my experience or keep me from following along with the Society?

Not at all! Watching our style videos, downloading a shoppable guide, and shopping our shop page is as easy as watching a video on your computer/phone, browsing your favorite websites, and pinning your favorite items on Pinterest.

Of course, if you have any problems, you can always contact a member of our team for personalized tech support!

What if I have a personal style question during the program that isn’t covered on the Society?

Great news! We are here to answer any and all of your pressing style questions throughout the program via the Style Yourself Chic Society Facebook group. No question is stupid, as there is NO judgment within this community. We are firm believers in making learning about style fun and approachable!


If you’ve reached this point on the page, you know you’re ready to start living and feeling good in your own skin again. You know you’re ready to stop putting yourself last, and instead invest in yourself and make your style, self‐care and confidence a priority. When you invest in yourself, you’re not only increasing your self‐worth, but your entire family and all of your relationships will benefit too.

Let’s face it, $27 is a dinner date out — when you choose this for yourself you’ll learn to enjoy every single dinner date (after all, they’re few and far between as it is, you don’t want to waste them not feeling like your best self!)

This is your chance to uplevel, enhance and even transform the way you look and feel, forever. I can’t wait to support you in discovering the effortlessly chic style you can bring into your life right now.