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Looking and feeling stylish every day shouldn’t be so hard!

The SYC Society is designed for busy women like you, with easy to access videos and guides to save you time and money while showing you how to look pulled together for all occasions.


SYC society

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If you ever find yourself…


Spending a lot of time browsing social media for style inspiration, but not knowing how to turn that into reality


Trying style subscription services but never feeling they were tailored to you, your personal style, your budget, or your figure


Feeling overwhelmed with your current closet and not having the time or knowledge to fix it


Wanting to look and feel current and in style but not knowing where to start, or even where to shop

…Then SYC Society is for you!


3 Main Sections

The SYC Society is divided into 3 main sections with tools found in each one

Style Yourself Chic Society is divided into 3 main sections: Curating Your Closet, Shop for Your Budget, and Dress for Your Body Type. Under each section, you’ll discover style videos and shoppable guides to help you with any style question you may have – so you’ll know exactly how to dress with style every day and for every occasion!

Click on the sections below to read more about each section.

Section 1

Curating Your Closet


Section 2

Shop for Your Budget


Section 3

Dress for Your Body Type


Section 1

Curating your Closet 

When you open your closet and see an array of mismatching clutter, you’re bound to want to close the door and just put on the outfit you wore yesterday, again! In this section of the society you’ll find everything you need for a cleansed & organized closet that caters for every single occasion, and that incorporates a mixture of your personal and professional style.

From the must have accessories every woman needs in her jewelry box to what to wear for every special occasion, you’ll learn how to create a wardrobe you love and that reignites the fun back into getting dressed!


Section 2

Shop for Your Budget

So you’re scrolling through Pinterest and find the kind of outfit you’d love to wear, or new skincare range you’d love to try, only to click through and discover you might have to remortgage your house in order to buy it! We totally understand — but are absolutely committed to showing you that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be chic and stylish.

We’ll be sharing shoppable guides catered for different budgets, from outfits, shoes, makeup and skincare, and everything in‐between, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you, your style and what you want to spend.


Section 3

Dress for Your Body Type

If you’ve ever wanted to make shopping easy and know exactly what will look great on your specific figure, understanding your body type is the key. Here you’ll be able to decipher your unique body type through my exclusive guide, and what styles, cuts, and shapes to wear that best flatter YOU so you’ll always know exactly which clothes (in the stores and in your closet) will make you look and FEEL great every day.

From which jeans are best for your body type, the right sunglasses for your face shape, to which seasonal trends are most flattering for YOU, I’ll show you how to dress in a way that makes you feel effortlessly chic every single day. Not to mention the content in this section will ensure you look slim and trim without hitting the gym!

Membership Pricing

monthly payment of


Please note this is a month-to-month subscription service, and your card on file will automatically be charged $27 each month to ensure you always have access to all of the stylish goodness of the SYC Society. You can easily stop your membership at any time along your style journey through your account on the SYC Society.

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Instant Access To…


Style Videos


A variety of videos from quick tips to 10 minute style how-to’s


Body Type Guide


Learn exactly what your body type is and how to dress it with ease


Style Guides


Guides full of done-for-you outfits and seasonal items to shop


Community Support


A social community where you can ask all your stylish questions


Added Extras


Links with all of my favorites, from dresses to skin care and more

Instant Access
Instant Access

What clients say

Success Stories



I cannot say enough about what I have learned and continue to learn from Megan. I’ve done a style intensive session with Megan as well as becoming a member of the Society. I’ve learned how to shop for my body type and style, which was a big game changer for me. I had so many things in my closet that weren’t my friend and the Society made me realize why I never wore them. I try to always shop with intention as to what I need in my closet to help me look more pulled together.  Her weekly style tips and seasonal updates along with shopping lists are great. I feel more confident when I get dressed no matter what size or stage in my life.



Like many clients in the Society, I felt like I had a closetful of clothing but nothing to wear. I bought clothing indiscriminately with no plan in mind and held onto too many items which were old and out of style. Megan helped me understand my body type which made it easy to get rid of items which didn’t serve me. Her seasonal posts on what’s in style and out of style helps me purge with confidence. Now when I shop, I know what I am looking for and I’m saving time and money! My favorite elements are Ask Megan Thursday in the Society private Facebook group and the Shop Section, which I check out constantly. I can’t recommend it enough!



Pre-pandemic my closet was full of business professional and business casual clothes. Weekend, GNO and date night clothes were an afterthought. During the height of the pandemic, I lived in athleisure. Over the past year, as we’ve transitioned to a hybrid environment at work, we’re going to a “smart casual” look most of the time. I realized my wardrobe wasn’t made for that, and I needed assistance getting it there. I joined Megan’s SYC Society and started working on curating my closet, learning how to put outfits together and asking her advice on Ask Megan Thursdays in the private Society Facebook group. I am now trying to focus on quality of options and not quantity of options. It’s helping me get ready faster in the mornings because I have fewer options to choose from, and I have more confidence in those options.



I’ve gone on to join the Society which helps me keep up with new styles, and offers selections for different body types at major season changes. These pieces Megan chooses have exposed me to new brands not just for clothes but also shoes and accessories. Society has shown me that there are clothes out there that aren’t fussy, but have beautiful fabrics, interesting details, elegance and staying power. That means value for the money I spend, which is important to me, too!


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