Third Trimester Must-Haves & Warm Weather Maternity Style

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Between your ever expanding bump (and the discomfort it brings), gathering items for your hospital bag and finishing the baby’s nursery, there’s quite a bit on your plate as an expectant mother in the third trimester. Although you probably have many of your pregnancy essentials already, there are some things I have discovered that have helped me in this latter part of pregnancy specifically.

My third trimester must-haves will help you stay comfy, and my maternity outfit ideas for dressing the bigger bump can help you to stay confident!  I hope you’ll find this list of third trimester essentials helpful! (Also, continue reading as you’ll also discover fun spring/summer maternity outfits!)

Haves & Warm Weather Maternity Style

    • Heated Neck Wrap: I love heating this up at night and using it on my lower back & also down my spine for the ever-changing back and neck pains that pregnancy brings.
    • Belly Bands: I realized I needed this after traveling to Savannah where we walked all day long.  After the trip I was insanely sore under my belly, and discovered my bump needed some extra support as it grows.  I now use the belly band when exercising or even just around the house for extra bump & back support.
    • Dazzle Dry Manicure Set: I love their products as they have great colors & are free of harsh chemicals.  Having this system at home makes it easy to keep my nails and toe nails looking polished, which then helps me feel a little bit better!
    • Wedge Pillow:  If you are like me and have been experiencing acid reflux later in your pregnancy, then this wedge pillow will help prop you up and sleep more soundly.
    • Cosabella Maternity Pajamas:  These are the only maternity pajamas I have found that are comfortable, pretty and can take me into the 4th Trimester perfectly (the camisole is nursing friendly).  I currently have them in 3 colors, and am wear them every night!
    • Pure Synergy Immune Health and Vitamin C Supplements: In addition to my prenatal vitamin, I am working on keeping my immune system healthy, especially with sleep being pretty inconsistent these days.
    • Yogi Women’s Raspberry Leaf Tea: Recommended to me by my doula, this tea is meant to support your uterus in your third trimester.
    • Supportive Slippers: I quickly found that not wearing shoes around the house was not going to work!  My back and feet soon would hurt due to the lack of support and the extra weight of my bump.  A pair of very supportive sandals or slippers have really helped alleviate my back and feet pains.

As a Style Coach dressing stylishly & looking pulled together is a must.  But when pregnant dressing comfortably and practically is also vital. You will notice a common theme in my outfits: a dress/jumpsuit + a third piece + stylish (comfy) shoes. A one and done dress or jumpsuit is always a no-brainer; add a third piece like a denim jacket, fun necklace or scarf, and you’re instantly polished!  I personally found that maternity jeans were not as comfortable in my third trimester, so I stuck to waist-free items 🙂

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Even though pregnancy is a short period of time, it’s still important to curate a maternity wardrobe so that you are confident on the days you aren’t feeling so great. I promise you’ll feel more like yourself when you are wearing clothing that reflects your authentic style. (If you’d like my top tips for how to curate a maternity wardrobe, click HERE.) Below are maternity outfits I wore during my first pregnancy throughout the spring & summer!

Your pregnancy is such a special and exciting time as you prepare for welcoming a new member to your family. It’s also an interesting season of your life full of unexpected changes (hello hot flashes and round ligament pains!) and I’m sure even more to come when the baby arrives. I invite you to make the most of this time with items that will ease some of the discomfort and a wardrobe that will make you feel more confident!


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