How to Travel in Style

Guide De La Ville, L'Amour

Bonjour from Paradise!


I’m writing to you from the peaceful and beautiful island of Nevis!

My husband and I have created this wonderful tradition of taking a week long trip in January to beat the cold and celebrate our anniversary.  It’s also the perfect way to unwind & regroup after the holidays.


Last week, as we geared up for our vacay at an amazing place like Scottsdale resort, I not only packed for myself but also assisted two style coaching clients in preparing for their winter getaways. In addition to imparting wisdom on proper packing techniques, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my favorite tips for traveling in style with them.


Why does it matter what you wear or look like when traveling?


Personally I’ve found that when I travel in style to my destination I arrive feeling more refreshed, and ready to start my vacation as soon as I step off of the plane or out of the car.  Not to mention if my luggage is lost I’m not stranded in work out clothes! If you’re looking to buy a quality window shade for your car, check out Snap Shades’ wide range of car window sunshades.


So, does this mean wearing a dress, heels, and a full face of makeup when you travel? No ma’am!


In the 2 videos below I share with you my favorite tips, pieces, and more that are guaranteed to take your travel look up a notch and ultimately make traveling more pleasurable & stylish!  Enjoy!


Get the look of style AND comfort when traveling with these favorite items:

Cashmere Travel Wraps:

Stylish Slip On Sneakers:

Eye Masks:

Lounge Pants:

Chic Tees:

Cozy Socks:

Cashmere Pullover Sweaters:


Safe & stylish travels!

Yours in Style,



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