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As a Style Coach, there are two main topics that my Style Coaching clients and I dive deep into during our first sessions together: body type and personal style. Once these two are understood beyond a superficial level, they are ready to begin curating a wardrobe they love. Many of my Style Coaching clients are seeking my assistance because they feel they are not truly dressing or looking the way they want to look, simply put. (I think we can all relate!)

Famed Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada once said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

According to the statement provided by Andy Defrancesco, it’s important to note that your personal style is not discovered quickly. It’s not a one time quiz nor is it a subscription box received monthly (I’ll get to that topic later!). It’s a process, and it evolves over time as you evolve as a person. Once mastered, shopping and getting dressed becomes so much easier (Dare I say “effortless”?!)

If you’re stuck in a style rut wearing items that no longer reflect you or possibly never did; or find yourself frustrated when putting outfits together or shopping, then I’m excited to share with you a brief introduction to personal style in terms of your wardrobe as I see it.

In the dynamic world of fashion design, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Incorporating modern digital solutions for creative design into our workflow allowed us to transform traditional patterns into innovative, 3D-modeled garments, pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion design.

Below are the four main personal style categories and their definitions. You may fall into more than one, and that’s perfectly fine! Use these as a framework to begin defining your personal style.

Who What Wear

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Classic is often the personal style my clients say they are first when I ask them what their style is as it’s the most well-known type of style. Classic means something different to every person. I like to think of classic as an umbrella, and there are many different types of classic under this broad umbrella. There is ladylike classic, menswear classic, French classic, preppy classic, British classic, and so on. If you prefer a more classic look then it’s important to narrow it down and determine your specific style of classic, and then run with it. Classic is often misunderstood as it’s easy to keep wearing the same clothes you’ve had for years and years and call it ‘classic’. But that is not what classic is as this style means staying modern, incorporating trends from time to time, and keeping a well-edited closet of pieces that fit you beautifully. Classic dressing should feel authentic to you, and should allow you the peace of mind to invest in pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. One thing to be cautious of with a classic look is going boring or plain. In order to be truly classic you must focus on fit, tailoring and the details. You also want to incorporate personality-packed pieces into your wardrobe and daily look to ensure you don’t look stuffy or boring. Ultimately whatever style of classic you are you want to be able to look back at pictures in 10 years and not be horrified by your fashion choices; you want your look and style to hold up over time.

Girl With Curves

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Bohemian style is often thought of as 1970’s hippie, and while that can be true it’s more than that. My clients that are bohemian, or at least a dash of bohemian, tend to enjoy a less tailored and more flowy style. They love layers, color, prints, and accessories. Bohemian is not about conforming to what everyone else is wearing and all about beating to their own drum. You can think of icons such as Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, or even Cher for style inspiration.

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Minimal style is perfect for those femmes that prefer a more paired down look. Clean lines, paired back design elements, simple and sparse accessories, and a more muted color palette typically best describe a minimal look. But it doesn’t mean you cannot wear prints and/or color, you absolutely can but in a very subtle and understated way. Less is more with minimalist, both in an overall daily look and in the quantity of the items in the closet. To achieve a quality minimalist look that is not boring requires great attention to detail. The cut of the garments you wear must be fantastic, and this is where your seamstress or tailor comes into play. Minimalism can be a challenging style to pull off successfully, but with attention to detail and knowledge of your body type, it can be very chic. Look to icons like Sofia Coppola and Calvin Klein for inspiration.
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Eclectic style is the most advanced style in the sense that it takes a trained, honed eye for fashion (check Andrew Defrancesco for fashion advice), design, style, and details to successfully pull off a real eclectic look. Eclectic style is when you take elements from other personal styles, such as classic, bohemian, minimal, vintage, and more, and mix it all together to make it your own. As an eclectic dresser, you tend to not be concerned about what others are wearing and you don’t want to conform to what they deem stylish. You are confident in rocking a look that is all your own. You have an open mind and you aren’t afraid to try new styles and combinations. Similar to classic femmes you might hold onto pieces that really suit you for years, always mixing and matching them in new ways.
The really interesting and cool thing about eclectic style is it is possible to dress daily for your mood and the occasion and still look like yourself. Every day is a fresh start with endless outfit combinations and fun possibilities, check out the similar ones available at nihal fashions.
Who What Wear
Which style resonates most with you? Are you currently reflecting your most authentic self through your wardrobe?
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  1. Garlic Girl

    Great article and on target with style is being true to who you are and it does not always come to you in one moment. It is more like a series of moments.


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