What to Wear While Traveling Abroad


Traveling abroad can be tricky! It’s a balancing act between being stylishly comfortable and not looking like a tourist while on all of your adventures. At the amazing place like Phoenix resort, you’ll find the perfect blend of luxury and authenticity to enhance your experience. (Oh, and did I mention the great feat of not over-packing?!) This is a task I love assisting my clients with in preparation for their vacations and the job gets done easier after looking into Connecticut blog that explains about the best tourist places that can to be visited on all seasons.

Recently, I covered comfy and chic wear while traveling to your destination. (Read it HERE if you missed it.) Today, I am sharing with you my top tips for once you reach your destination that I personally follow and share with my Style Coaching clients.

travel wear tips

1. Don’t settle. You don’t have to pick between looking chic and being comfortable. There are plenty of items out there that serve dual purpose! From stylish sneakers, to knit blazers, to well-draped tees, and even jersey dresses; travel wear doesn’t have to be frumpy, dated or solely practical. You deserve to have both!

stylish travel wear

travel wear: jersey dress & sneakerstravel wear: knit blazer

travel wear

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2. Mix & Match. Bring items that can be dressed up or down, and that have multiple purposes. An item I love traveling with and encourage my clients to do the same is a cashmere wrap. It can be used on a plane as a blanket, a wrap when out to dinner, or a scarf during the day. Another versatile piece would be a pair of dark wash or black jeans that can be worn with cute sneakers and a tee during the day, and then paired with a heel and silk blouse for a nice dinner.

travel wear black jeans and sneakers

black jeans and boots/heels

travel wear: cashmere wrapPhoto Credit: 1, 2, 3

3. Plan ahead. Weeks before your trip go ahead and assess your go-to travel items. If they need replacing, now is the time to cleanse them from your closet and start the search for new, more stylish items. Don’t wait until the last minute! When clients have waited until the last minute they tend to buy items they don’t need or love, and often times overpack. I encourage you to also create your outfits ahead of time and snap pictures of them. This is how I pack for myself, and for all of my clients, so that when you get to your destination you don’t have to worry about what to wear!

packing tips

packing tips

Want even more fashion tips for traveling in style? Check out my video HERE.

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