The Charm of the Third Piece

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I’m currently enjoying a 3-day conference with my incredible coach, Gina DeVee, at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton all about HOW to better serve you and your style needs!  I cannot wait to share with you all that I’ve been learning!

But on to today’s style topic!

When you stand in front of a mirror or your closet and you’re pulling out garments do you find yourself saying, “I love this item, but when I wear it, it never feels like a complete outfit.  Something is missing, and I don’t know what that is.”.  

Let me tell you, you’re not alone.  Often time my clients ask me, “How can I feel more polished??” or “How can I feel put together?  Is there a tip or trick to completing your outfit??”

Well, guess what there is and it’s the third piece charm!

In this week’s “Style Secrets with Megan” video series, I’m dishing on one of my all time favorite style tips!  It’s that little secret that makes a BIG difference every time you get dressed. The third piece is all about you and your personal style.  It can take a great look and UPLEVEL it.

What exactly is the third piece charm and how can you achieve it? I invite you to click the video below to watch as a share this coveted style tip with you 🙂

After watching the video, your style action step is to try out one of the third piece options this week. But do more than just throw on an old blazer or cardigan, think about what will best express you.  And as always, have fun! Fashion is meant to be fun!

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