How to Style a Bomber Jacket 3 Ways

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If you’re looking for a great transitional weather piece that can be mixed and matched to make lots of outfits, then look to the bomber jacket (just like the 1913 Silver Bomber Jacket)! I had so much fun styling and wearing this jacket, a part of my monthly selects with Rent the Runway! From an effortless midi skirt to my favorite bootcut jeans, I was pleasantly surprised with how many ways this jacket can be styled.

Just as I share my top styling tricks and tips with my Style Coaching clients, I am sharing with you how to style a bomber jacket 3 different ways. This will allow you to see an item’s versatility and give you inspiration to style an item in your closet in a fresh way!

Below you’ll see 3 outfit ideas for how to style a bomber jacket and style tips for each one! 

Style a Bomber Jacket 3 Ways

Outfit #1

When styling these 3 outfits, I used the colors of the stripes in the jacket to help me select the rest of my outfit. I love color! And when pairing colorful items together, the hues do not have to be exactly the same! In fact, this style tip will you to avoid wearing a  “matchy-matchy” outfit (aka dated). (For more on this topic, check out this video HERE.)

For the outfit above I chose the fuchsia tissue turtleneck to layer underneath the jacket, pulling from the pink in the jacket. Again, the color of the pink stripe and top aren’t exact, but this creates a more effortless, pulled together look! I kept the rest of the outfit neutral to avoid a busy outfit!  And the customized name necklace helps the turtleneck more flattering on an hourglass body type.

Style a Bomber Jacket 3 Ways

Outfit #2

The fun print and similar colors in the skirt made for a unique high-low look when pairing it with the bomber jacket. A high low style approach is when you take a dressy item and pair with a more casual one. I kept the top and shoes neutral as to not compete with the print of the skirt!

Style a Bomber Jacket 3 Ways

Outfit #3

For an up-leveled casual outfit, I chose a pair of my favorite skinny jeans and a fun graphic tee. The darker hue jean looks best with the pink hue of the top, and I kept the shoes dark to maintain the vertical visual line (creating an elongating look). Notice the color of the shoes are not black, but maroon, a fun tonal color with the pink tee!

I invite you to explore your closet and use these examples as inspiration to style items in your closet for fresh, new outfits! And remember, when purchasing an item in the future, ask yourself if it can be styled 2-3 ways to ensure you have an item that works for you and your wardrobe!

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