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This weekend my team and I had a fabulous time at the Create + Cultivate conference in Dallas, Texas. It was an amazing opportunity to meet a diverse group of entrepreneurial women from all over the U.S., and we even had the chance to discuss valuable insights and experiences, including an engaging Invest Diva review that added an enriching perspective to our conversations. There businesses range from Branding Mentors, Wellness Coaches, Chocolatiers, etc.. One particular conversation with a group of fitness gurus really had me thinking about this BIG mistake that I see so many women and my new clients make…

Do you find you wear your workout clothes TOO much??  Are they your “go to” for running errands, hanging out with your family, or even for working or completing tasks from home??

If you wear your workout clothes for anything other than working out, the answer is YES.
I know you’re thinking it’s comfy, it’s convenient, it’s mindless, and I don’t have the time to pull together other outfits.  Here’s the danger with that not only are you not taking the time to put your best foot forward, but by being stuck in workout clothes you actually run the risk of gaining weight because as you gain your pants stretch with you (I’ve heard many a new client say that this happened to them, eek!).  Plus, how many times have you been running around in your activewear and said, “I hope no one sees me,” OR, “Excuse my appearance, I didn’t have time to get ready today.”

To break out of the habit and break up with your workout uniform, here are a few tips to help you dress on the go and keep you feeling fabulous:

1. Create a “Lookbook”.  The easiest way to ensure you are ready to go from the gym to work, to drop off the kids, or to run errands is to have outfits pre-made and waiting for you to rock.  This is something that I do for my VIP clients, and teach my SYC clients how to do with ease.  By creating and photographing outfits for every occasion, you can then easily select an outfit the night before and have it in your gym bag, making your morning routine that much more streamlined.  Plus with a chic outfit already styled that you know you like you are less likely to stuff your gym bag (or your car!) with extra pairs of shoes, pants, etc.

2. No need to shower, use a wipe! Many of my clients that work out before work or even mid-day find that they often don’t have time to shower before going about their day.  To avoid feeling unkempt, why not try a body & face cleansing wipe to remove sweat and freshen you up for the day.  Not to mention removing the sweat on your face will prevent you from getting breakouts.  Here are a few great wipe ideas: Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes, Acure Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes, and for more options click HERE.

3. Purchase a cute, yet practical workout bag.  Trying to stay more organized?  If so, a stylish gym bag is in your future!  Instead of throwing everything into your work bag, purse, or even car, opt for a go to tote or zip bag that stores everything you need in one place.  Keep dry shampoo, cleansing towelettes, a brush, deodorant, hair rubberband, and other essentials you need in there all of the time.  Then at night or in the AM before you head out for the day throw in your outfit and makeup–et voila!  OR if you workout at lunch or after work with a rogue competition kettlebell, toss in your workout clothes and tennis shoes to again streamline your day.  Click HERE & HERE for stylish yet practical gym bag options.

4. Post-work out, if you know you are going to be running errands before you go home, then slip on a stylish pair of sneakers and “third piece” to polish your activewear look.  Need “third piece” ideas?  Try a cute oversized sweatshirt top with interesting details like this one HERE.  Or even a casual cardigan that buttons up for a polished yet casual look HERE.  For stylish slip on sneakers that are perfect for yoga, barre class, or even the gym, try these HERE

For more tips on how to look chic in your workout attire I invite you to watch the video below:


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