My Top 5 Style Steps for 2018


Happy New Year

New year, new you – how many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have you secretly wanted to make a few changes, maybe even attempted but found yourself in the same rut, especially when it came to your wardrobe.

I’m an optimist! And as a true “the glass is half full” type of person, I believe that this is the year to put yourself first. Because when it truly comes down to it, that’s the root of it all! As I reminisced of last year, I created a list of my Top 5 Tips for stepping into 2018 with style and confidence. These tips are simple; some may even seem a bit cliche, but they’re doable, realistic and sure to make a HUGE difference if you decide to implement them.

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So what do you say? Let’s make a toast to the new year! Cheers!

My Top 5 Tips

  • Uplevel your casual attire. We all love feeling comfortable and being able to move and groove as we live our daily lives. It’s easy to think that means we have to wear our activewear or sweats to stay comfy, but that’s no longer the truth thanks to stretchy denim, upleveled tees, luxurious knits, and stylish sneakers. Make it a priority to dress your best even on days when you are running errands, with the kids, or working from home. You will ultimately feel better, which is most important.

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  • Start saying thank you. When we deflect others compliments we are actually saying to the complimenter that their thoughts and opinions are not valued or true. So often women feel like they need to downplay their assets and achievements as to not draw too much attention to themselves, appear conceited, etc. It’s time to start valuing ourselves enough to accept these compliments, whether you believe it to be true or not.
  • Cleanse your closet of these 5 Items. I made this video to help you point out those 5 sneaky items lurking in your closet that are ultimately holding you back from looking polished, current and your best. After watching my video, I encourage you to immediately cleanse those items and make a shopping list of replacement items that you should snag during the January sales.
  • Make yourself a priority. This may seem vague or cliche but this is the most important tip I can give you for 2018. You may be thinking I’m afraid I’ll seem selfish or like I don’t care about others if I make myself a priority, but in actuality others will respect you more because you respect yourself. When you become a priority (in whatever way that is for you–maybe saying no to things, incorporating more self care, hitting the gym, etc.) you’ll be amazed by how much more energy you have, and thus how much more you can give to others. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Be a purposeful shopper. This will save you time, money and energy. The art of purposeful shopping comes down to making a shopping list, knowing what’s in your closet, understanding why you wear certain things more than others, and of course knowing where to shop! This is how I shop personally, and what I teach my clients so that shopping becomes fun AND successful.

The last tip especially is key for revamping your wardrobe. But you may be saying, “I need more details! How do I figure out where to shop and what pieces look best on me?” If you join the Style Yourself Chic Society, you’ll have access to style coaching videos, style how to guides and sections of items for you to shop hand selected by me for you!

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