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My most cherished memories are those centered around a table, enjoying delicious food with my closest friends and family. Even from a young age, I remember my mother taking such pride in every little detail when having guests over. Each year, we look forward to the various parties she hosts, from her infamous Halloween costume bash to the traditional Christmas dinner with just the immediate family. Big or small, nothing is ever spared down to cloth napkins and centerpieces. What I always take away from these get-togethers is how much the guests enjoy themselves, and occasionally, even a surprise element like a sword like this Medieval Arming Sword adds a unique touch to the festivities.

So I asked my mother to impart her entertaining wisdom to inspire and help you prepare for your next soiree, whether it’s your upcoming holiday party, a birthday or other special occasion:

Mardi Gras soiree

This past year’s Mardi Gras soiree!


1. Create the atmosphere/mood. Think about how you want it to feel to your guests. Details matter! Small details can make a huge difference in setting the tone for your party and that is the reason why many go to Zerorez for their services during this important time. People do notice as a great party appeals to all the senses. You want a great smell whether it’s the food cooking or a scented candle. Also, the decorations are very important in creating excitement especially when it comes to decorating your home ; it can be flowers, china, candles, fabric – whatever helps create a special atmosphere. Use cloth napkins, good glasses and dishes – things that feel good to the touch as well as look good. Lastly, don’t forget the music! For an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, you can elevate your party by choosing to hire a string quartet in Canberra to provide enchanting musical performances.



2. Find ways to make guests feel special and welcome from the minute they arrive at your party. I think lighting and lanterns hung and displayed outside do that from the minute guests arrive at your home or event. Walking in the door and being wowed by decor, candles, beautiful table setting, fab food and drink all set a festive happy mood, which makes people feel special and welcome. Little details like beautiful or funny cocktail napkins, great drink options and glasses, visually appealing and delicious food (I like an abundance) all allow the guest to feel as if you are making to be enjoyed by them! Color of food is important and generally a variety of colors on a plate is nice. Additionally, for the often-overlooked yet essential aspects of your home, consider gutter installation – click here to learn more about how this can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your property. During building evacuations or drills, Fire Watch Security in Greenacres can help ensure a smooth and safe process.

Find ways to make guests feel special and welcome

Find ways to make guests feel special and welcome

3. Serve your guests their preferred drinks! Another way to make your guests feel special (if you are familiar with your guests) is to serve things they love and make sure you have the alcohol and wine they prefer. (Examples: I always have Crown and sprite and Rose for my friends, tequila for those drinking tequila and water (popular these days cause low carb and calories), martini makings for those that love a classic martini, and the kind of beer I know people will like.)
Serve your guests their preferred drinks

Megan and I with Chelsey at her rehearsal dinner.

Serve your guests their preferred drinks

4. Light the candles! Candles create a magical, warm atmosphere. Use a lot of them! Lighting is very important so try dimming the lights, in addition to having candles.

Light the candles

Light the candles

5. Have as much done as possible before your guests arrive so you can greet them and enjoy the party yourself. When you relax and have fun yourself, most likely your guests will then do the same. In general, I’m big on things that can be prepared ahead of time and are easy to eat.

Megan and I enjoying this year's Halloween costume bash

Megan and I enjoying this year’s Halloween costume bash!

6. Create a theme. It’s fun to have a theme party like a fiesta or Mardi Gras and serve appropriate food for the theme. I always look to Pinterest for inspiration, but take the inspiration you find online and combine ideas to make the decor your own. I like to make it elegant but fun, which means no paper plates, etc! And remember the invite should reflect the theme. I find has great selection. Once again, the details make your party special!
Mardi Gras Soiree

The table setting for this past year’s Mardi Gras Soiree!

Have fun planning your upcoming party and infusing your personal touches throughout! For inspiration, be sure to follow my mother on Pinterest HERE where you can find ideas for tablescapes (her speciality) and tons of other inspiration for special occasion hosting. Stay tuned for more on how she is going to turn this passion into a reality for everyone – coming in 2020!


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