5 Fashion Myths Debunked


So you want a quick style fix?? Who wouldn’t!?

The problem is we all fall into a viscous cycle with our wardrobes, and it often looks something like this…

Step 1: With packed schedules, demanding jobs, and trying to have it all leaves very little time for everything else in your life, especially clothes.

Step 2: Which makes getting dressed in the morning whether you’re running errands, in meetings, or attending events that much harder.

Step 3: So you follow one of the following “quick fixes” (see below), and it doesn’t work.

I want to help pull back the curtain and shed some light on these highly circulated and common style beliefs that you hear about all of the time whether it’s on the internet, in a magazine or from a friend.

And make sure to read to the end of this email, as there you can steal my “Top 10 Tips for Breaking Out of a Style Rut!”.

1. Quick Fix Myth: Subscription Clothing Boxes

I’m going to be honest, when I first heard about subscription clothing boxes it sounded like a pretty good idea. What could go wrong with going on a website, selecting items that reflect your personal style, select your size, and then once a month it shows up at your door. You keep what you like and send back everything else. No harm. No foul. It’s easy and it’s quick.

Why It Fails You:
If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. I’ve had several clients try it before working with me and they all came back saying the same things, “They still had a packed closet with nothing to wear, the items were poor quality most of the time, and the pieces didn’t really go with anything they already had.”

The big problem you face with subscription boxes is that even if it’s supposed to be tailored to your personal style, it’s still generic. You will overwhelm your closet with too many choices, you won’t know how to mix or match your new pieces with your old ones, and the system doesn’t know the holes in your wardrobe so you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear. Ultimately, you have more clothes, but less options due to clutter and a collection of random pieces. You’re back to where you started.

2. Quick Fix Myth: What’s in the Store is Current & On Trend

I hear this all the time from my new clients and women at speaking engagements. It’s only natural to think that with the passing seasons and the new inventory that what’s out and being sold is current. When in actuality it not always is…especially at boutiques.

Why It Fails You:

Don’t get me wrong, I love stores! That being said there are something’s you need to watch out for in order to save you money, time & space in your closet. Stores want to make money, and that’s obviously okay. The downside is they’re often selling items that are popular because people will buy them. If an item did will last season they will reorder it in the hopes of it doing well this season (aka not because it’s still current). When you go through a store keep in mind that what is popular doesn’t make it current. Also, trust your own judgment. If you don’t love something on yourself in the store, you won’t love it out of the store. While many sales associates mean well, and the encouragement is always nice, many of them work on commission and/or have minimal fashion training. That doesn’t mean that top you tried on doesn’t look great on you, but it also doesn’t mean that you should buy the pants that you hated just because someone said you look nice in them or that they are “trendy” or “popular”.

3. Quick Fix Myth: Shopping With A Friend Helps

Style is an intensely personal thing. No two person’s style is the same nor should it be. We all have that one friend who looks great everywhere she goes and always seems to buy the right thing. So it feels natural to want to go shopping with your most stylish friend right?? Wrong.

Why It Fails You:

Don’t go shopping with a friend. I’m sure your friend does have a fabulous sense of style and really knows how to dress to flatter her figure, but there are 2 BIG problems with that statement. First of all, just because it’s her style doesn’t mean it should be your style. No matter how amazing it is. Secondly, her shape isn’t your shape, and knowing what looks great on you and how to flatter your figure is an art and skill that you should learn.

4. Quick Fix Myth: Wait Until You Lose The Weight To Shop

From the outside, this feels like a very natural goal to treat yourself to a new wardrobe once you’ve lost the weight. And you don’t want to buy tons of clothes only to loose weight, and then have to buy new clothes all over again. So why is this a bad thing…

Why It Fails You:

Because you’re holding yourself back. You’re ultimately saying to yourself that you right now, as you are, aren’t worth it. That is far from true. You are absolutely perfect no matter what size or height you are currently. BUT if you want to get healthy and feel better in your own skin, why weight (see what I did there)??

In truth, many of my clients that are getting healthy during our Style Coaching process lose more weight faster because they feel better about themselves during the process. They are happier, thus they are taking better care of themselves and aren’t turning to food for support. Plus, by dressing for your shape in a flattering way you can look 5-10 pounds slimmer instantly, and who doesn’t LOVE that?!

5. Quick Fix Myth: You should know how to dress

Because you’re a women, you believe that you should be born knowing not just how to dress your body, BUT ALSO what’s current, what your personal style is, and how to look effortless while doing all of the above.

Why It Fails You:
I hear this more than any other “Style Myth” on this list. I truly believe more than any of the other myths on this list that this one is not only the biggest myth, but also the most hurtful and damaging to a woman. So why is that??

Society tells us that it’s our job to know all of the above, but here’s the thing, no one is just born knowing everything about style, myself included, nor should you. Style like everything else is a learned skill. You take lessons to play tennis, to speak another language, to learn how to cook, so why would style be any different?? It’s not. Through studying, practice, and helpful guidance I feel confident that you can learn as much about style as you want to! All of my fabulous clients both VIP and Style Yourself Chic have the amazing ability to learn

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