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Small Style Rut

You are on your way to effortless style, and ease getting dressed daily! While for the most part you feel pretty confident in your personal style, shopping, and outfit making skills, I find with all of my Style Coaching clients there is always room for growth, evolution and upleveling! You are on the right path, and as your Style Coach I am here to help you meet all of your style goals and more!

To help you fine-tune your style skills, I recommend you decipher your specific body type. You may have an idea of what looks good on your silhouette and what will never work, but without knowing your exact body type (which is NOT a fruit shape )it will always be a bit of a shot in the dark as to what to buy, the outfits to make, and the items to toss from your closet.

Knowing your exact body type means taking your exact measurements, and from there deciphering the results. My exclusive and comprehensive guide will teach you how to properly take your measurements, and from there determine your body type. It’ll also share with you what to wear and what not to wear to help you continue to uplevel your style, wardrobe, and overall image.

Now it’s time to get started…click the image on the right to download your complimentary body type guide! Enjoy!

body type guide