The Best of Summer Sales


Ready to take advantage of the end of summer sales? Before you start diving into the amazing deals, here are my tips for successfully shopping sales:

  1. The Golden Rule of Sale Shopping: Do NOT buy something just because it’s on sale! Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you really need it: “If it were full price would I buy it?”, “Can I think of 3 things I can wear this item with?”, and “Does this flatter my body type and suit my style?”.
  2. Be prepared before hitting the stores! Have your shopping list handy of all of the things that you need and want. This will keep you focused and will ensure you don’t purchase anything unnecessary.
  3. Love online shopping? Use to have email notifications sent straight to your inbox letting you know when your favorite pieces go on sale.
  4. Focus on pieces that aren’t too trendy. It may be tempting to buy the more fun pieces while they’re on sale, but remember, you want pieces that will still be relevant next summer when you are able to finally wear them.
  5. While summer sandals are awfully fun to purchase on sale this time of year, also look out for sale items that can easily be transitioned into early fall.  Make your clothing work hard for you!

Now that you have my tips for successfully shopping the sales, take a look at my end of summer shopping list!


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