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To help inspire your outfit and mindset this Thanksgiving my team and I would love to share with you what inspires us.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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This past weekend I was talking to some fellow coaches & dear friends about where we do our best work.  Those special places that bring us inspiration, serenity and joy.  We all narrowed it down to places that involved bodies of water. Water calmed us, and helped bring up our true desires and wants.  It took us to a place that allowed for growth and new ideas that would benefit our clients.
Every Thanksgiving I have the pleasure of going to my ‘special place’, Lake Martin.  Being surrounded by nature and more importantly a gorgeous body of water, brings me reflection and relaxation. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to bring more style and confidence to my incredible clients.
This Thanksgiving I invite you to think about where that place is for you–a place that brings you joy, peace and inspiration. Then take it a step further this holiday season.  When you have a stressful day, go to that special place in your mind to alleviate the stresses of the season.  -Megan

Shop this look: Plaid blouse, skinny jeans, kitty flats, leather cuff, cross body bag, earrings

Thanksgiving is an incredible important holiday to me. Not just for what it means, but for everything I’ve gained through it. Growing up, it was always hallmarked by traditional Thanksgiving festivities: school reenactments, food, Godfather marathon, etc. As I got older, my family traditions changed. Being a small but close family of four, my father would always tell us stories about being away at college and not having anywhere to go for the holidays. Many years later, he always makes sure that everyone has a place to go and that there is always enough room at the table. As a result, through the years we’ve had many different faces from all over at our Thanksgiving table. We’ve had exchange students from Japan, New Zealand, and France; beloved neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Anyone that comes to our table always leaves as family. So while I might have a small immediate family, I have a large and lovely extended family. Thanksgiving is more than the beautiful tradition that was founded. It’s a amazing opportunity to grow in love, life, family, and to remember some inspiring wisdom from Mother Teresa, ‘If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.'” -Laura


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