Aging in Style: The Art of Stylishly Aging


Aging gracefully is an art form but achievable, no doubt! As a Style Coach, I work with many ages and have met many women who have come to me after almost giving up – giving up on their appearance and the idea that they, too, can be stylish no matter their age.

I often remind my clients that being fashionable isn’t reserved for just the 20 something’s, but one must understand how to incorporate certain elements in an age appropriate way to create a polished and current look.

There’s something so beautiful about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and the stage of life in which she is in. During my Style Strategy Sessions, my clients and I discuss how to accomplish just that!

These are the key points I cover with them; by sharing them with you, I hope that you, too, can find the confidence in becoming the best version of yourself where you are right now!

Linda Rodin - the art of stylishly aging

1. Assess your ‘fashion escalator’ to see where you are currently. One of my clients had the best analogy for why some women age less stylishly than others. She explained that when someone decides to keep their look as is (aka they don’t evolve their style over the years perhaps because they don’t feel like putting in the effort anymore, feel like they are too ‘old’ to put in the work it takes to look their best, they gain weight, or whatever reason it may be) it’s comparable to someone getting off an escalator at a certain decade or year. For example, if the last time you really updated your wardrobe (I’m talking basics AND trendier items) and your hair style/makeup was in the early 2000’s when you started working then that’s when you got off of the fashion escalator. Or perhaps the last time you really updated your hair or basics was in the early 90’s after you had kids, then that’s when you got off of the fashion escalator. Moral of the story fab femmes, no matter what’s going on in your life or what age you are turning you should NEVER get off of the fashion escalator. This does not mean being a slave to fashion or the trends, it simply means evolving your style and overall look with every stage of your life. By doing this you are sure to always look and feel your best, not to mention remain look like you belong in today’s world 😉

stylishly aging

2. Determine the image you desire to be projecting for the stage of life that you are in. One of the first exercises I do with my clients is getting clear on what’s important to them and how they can then project that through their outward appearance. There are some values and traits that you will always want to project, but then there are ones that come & go depending on the stage of life that you are in. If you are starting a new job after being a stay at home mom for years, your image will need to evolve. If you are retiring after working in the corporate world for years, your image will need to evolve. This doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your wardrobe or get a drastic haircut, it simply means reassessing the look you desire to project and then figuring out what tweaks you need to make to convey that look to others. Now it’s your turn–what image do YOU want to project for this stage of life?

stylishly aging

3. Set manageable ‘baby step’ goals for yourself to begin looking more current. I always tell my clients real, tangible, long-lasting style results do not happen over night! They don’t happen simply by getting a box of clothes sent to your house or by going shopping once. Due to this fact it can feel overwhelming knowing where to even begin and how to best spend your money. I highly recommend setting big overarching goals and from there baby step it out. What small tasks can you do, or enlist an expert, in helping you to start moving towards your goal of looking current and like the best version of yourself in this stage of life. Make a list and then work to keep yourself accountable! I promise the end result is SO worth it…and the confidence you’ll exude is priceless.

stylishly aging

4. It takes effort to look effortless. I often hear women say to me ‘I want to look effortlessly pulled together…other women seem to look so pulled together, why can’t I have that too?’. Want to know their secret? They put in the RIGHT kind of effort. From monthly facials, to a nighttime skincare routine, to regularly cleansing their closet, to making sure they know what’s in and what’s out, these women are putting in the effort to maintain a current and effortlessly chic look. This is often why my clients seek out my guidance as it can feel like a lot of work if you don’t know exactly what to do to get to that effortless stage. So know you don’t have to go it alone 🙂

aging stylishly

If you are looking to get out of a style rut, then consider a Style Strategy Session with me! (Click HERE to learn more.) Not a Birmingham local? Not a problem at all! I work with clients from all over! I can come to you, or we can chat via Skype. I can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. Shel

    As a 70’ish ex-model & self-proclaimed Texas fashionista, I firmly believe a gal is never too old to learn new techniques! Thank you.

  2. Laura Minor

    Very inspiring.

  3. Grace

    Great information- and lots to think about & consider. I’m a 67 yr old that has always said “I don’t care if I look my age as long as I look the best I can”. In the past year I decided to quit coloring my hair – partly due to the cost and partly because I’ve become enamored with SILVER hair in older women. I’m looking forward to seeing more information from you.

  4. Marina

    I am not the plump old lady that is on the outside. Help!

  5. Joni

    I just turned 64 and have been wondering if it’s time to just pack it in and let it all go because it can be exhausting in our youth obsessed culture to figure it all out and feel good. This article was a good pep talk. Thank you.

  6. Ann Hollis

    I love this blog! I am 66 years old but can get away with early 50’s. I workout, eat healthy and take good care of my skin and hair. I do a monthly edit of my clothes closet. Being honest with yourself when you have either made an unwise purchase or bought something that does not fit properly can be a challenge. But the more you edit your wardrobe collection, the easier it becomes. If an article of clothing or an accessory does not make you feel great when you put it on, get rid of it! If it is still in good condition, you can consign, donate or give to someone you know. Those items that sit in our closets for years, unworn, deserve to find a home with someone who will love them. Am I right?

  7. Deborah

    I find that if you’re thin you can get away with anything. Most of us older gals put on weight as we age (menopause, etc.), so it is more difficult to look chic with extra pounds.

  8. Hana

    The information by and large, was sensible and could be helpful with the older women who are not only aging but undertaking a changed lifestyle, i.e, a job, moving from suburbia to city, etc. The accompanying photo shots were most disappointing as they show ultra glamorous, model types who will look fabulous at any age and wearing any old thing. Why not photos of these fashion conscious older ordinary women your article seems to target?

  9. Dorothy O’Mara

    I enjoy your information on aging and aging stylishly. I am 76 years old and 5 feet tall.

  10. Pauline

    Due to lockdown I’ve got really grey roots. A good colour but I can’t live with it. I see all these lovely ladies with grey/white hair but I’m so undecided. I’m 73 and love clothes that are modern classics. My daughters always put me right l advice on hair please. Just might get a good cut and see how it goes from there. 😩

  11. Amanda

    Great article thank you I’m 44 soon and still on fashion escalator but trying to sustainabily update my jewel coloured wardrobe as I go along Best wishes Amanda

  12. Sally Tipton

    Love this !


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