The BEST Ways to Stay Cool This Summer


Is the hot hot heat in the summer a little TOO hot for you and your wardrobe?

And if it’s not the extreme heat that gets you then it’s the humidity, especially in the south!

You want to dress chic in the summer, but with the temperature being through the roof most days you find yourself giving up and reaching for your safety comfort clothes which may include…

***Your work out clothes… even though you know you’re not going to workout, you think, “It’s summer. I’m going to sweat. That’s what workout clothes are made for, isn’t it?”.

***The same thing over and over again, you know these ‘go to outfits’ work and are breathable. Why break what isn’t broken?

***Your summer uniform of a swimsuit and cover up that says, “I’m going to the pool/I might have just returned from the beach.” 

Do any of the above ‘summer outfits’ sound like you? If so, you may have a dilemma on your hands.  Do you dress stylishly and run the risk of melting OR stay stuck in your summer rut?

Because let’s be honest, no one wants to sweat through a nice, stylish outfit, and so sometimes it can feel almost impossible to stay chic in the summer heat…ALMOST.

In this week’s “Style Secrets with Megan” video, I’ll walk you through my foolproof summer plan to ensure you are feeling fresh, stylish, and effortless all summer long!

Whether you’re running errands, at the office, or outside with your kids, these tips will leave you feeling fabulous and confident all summer long!

I hope this video guides you to your best summer style yet, and kicks that outfit rut to the curb!
Find your new favorite summer pieces below:

1. Casual Tee | 2. Eyelet Top

1. Stripe Dress | 2. Jersey Fit & Flare

1. Off White Drape Jacket | 2. White Vest

1. Glossier Rosewater Spray | 2. Evian Facial Spray


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