I Didn’t Know What to Wear


In a couple of days, my family and I will be heading off to the beautiful continent of Africa!

I’m beyond excited for this fabulous adventure, but for as excited as I am, when the trip was first planned I stopped dead in my tracks…what was I going to wear??

I’ve dressed for a lot of different climates, and I’ve helped clients dress for even more, but now I was suffering from a complete style block.

I want to feel fabulous on this trip, I want to feel like myself, and I want to be prepared. Yet feeling great in my clothes AND being prepared for this trip felt very mutually exclusive.

So, I went back to the basics and the advice I always give my clients. More than that, I pushed myself out of my style comfort zone, and it 100% paid off!!

If you have an upcoming trip and you don’t know what to wear, here are a couple of my favorite tips for feeling prepared: 

1. Do Your Research & Learn From the Experts- Look into the weather forecast for your trip, learn about the climate, and find out about the fabrics and garments that work best in said climate. If available, watch videos, check out blogs, or talk to others who have traveled there about what they loved having or what they wish they had brought. When in doubt, ask your travel agent what they recommend!

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone- This trip was a case of extreme packing for me! So, I really had to work to make sure not only that I was buying what I needed, but I was finding garments that made me feel great! I also had to shop at places I’ve never shopped at before, but knowing my body type and personal style made selecting items that much easier!

3. Make an Agenda- What events will you have there?? Is there a lot of walking, are you going somewhere fancy, do you need a hat, etc.?? Write down the events and the corresponding garments you’ll need for each event.

4. Mix & Match- To avoid over-packing, remember to pack garments that mix well, don’t wrinkle, and can be dressed up or down. Also, remember with trips that are taking you out of your comfort zone, it’s important to be practical without forgoing what makes you feel comfortable and confident!

5. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute- The above steps are so important! By following my tips in a timely manner, you will discover that you have everything you need and ultimately feel prepared and stylish for your trip!
Last MinuteI hope these tips help you prep for your next trip wherever that may be, and ultimately bring you more style and happiness in every area of your life. 🙂

Bon voyage for now! Follow me on Instagram to keep in touch and see pictures from my trip!


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