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It’s fair enough to say that most of us have spent time recently prepping for the summer season either by starting a work out routine, purchasing a new swimsuit, or planning a beach trip. But the truth is we often don’t take care of one very important element of summer readiness: the cover up.

During the all important closet cleanse, I often see my clients holding on to old coverups, worn out shorts, and tattered flip flops.

I understand the thought process, “Why would I spend money and time on something that’s going to get weathered or that I’m going to wear for a second?”

First of all, buying new beach garments does not have to be a big investment. You can find affordable chic items that work just as well…I do that for all of my clients.

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Secondly, you’re going to be wearing your cover up for longer than a moment, but it’s not about that. It’s about how you feel when you wear them.

Think about it, does putting on old garments make you feel better or worse in your swimsuit?

Summer is a sensitive time for our relationship with our bodies. We as women are showing more, and so we often feel more self-conscious. Take time to invest in yourself in little ways this summer that will leave you feeling confident on the beach, by the pool, or at the lake!

In this “Style Secrets with Megan” video, I share with you my favorite ways to uplevel your waterside look to ensure you look and feel confident all summer long.

As an extra BONUS, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite cover ups, sun hats and flip flops for the summer…enjoy!

1. Striped Romper | 2. Artistic Print Dress | 3. Boyfriend Checkered Shirt | 4. Lace-up Dress

1. Small Fedora | 2. Off-White Fedora | 3. Wide Brim Hat | 4. Navy Strip Brim Hat | 5. “Leave a Message” Hat

1. Silver Slip-ons | 2. Multi Color Flip-flops | 3. Yellow Slip-ons | 4. Rose Gold Flip-flops | 5. Spider Web Light Pink Flip-flops

Happy Summer!


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