Clothing Care 101


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If, like me, your clothing is like family to you, then you want to take very good of them. Once you have found these investment pieces, it’s important to know how to care for them as it will save you possible trips to the dry cleaners and keep them lasting longer.

These 5 quick tips, tricks & products will keep your clothing looking fresh and vibrant!
#1 Wash your jeans inside out to keep the dye fresh and vivid.
clothing care 101
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#2 Keep your sweaters polished and pill-free by using a sweater shaver regularly. My favorite is a comb by The Laundress (use it directly on the fabric so don’t be afraid!). (Click image to shop.)

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#3 In between wears keep the moths away & your sweaters fresh with a wool/cashmere spray. This product keeps you from having to dry clean or hand wash your sweaters as often. Here is my favorite by The Laundress. (Click image to shop.)

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#4 Having quick stain solutions on hand (especially if you have kids or are prone to stains) is important. Try keeping a Tide stain stick, Shout wipes, or The Laundress Stain Solution on hand for those pesky stains that pop up unexpectedly throughout the day. Always check your clothes before hanging them back up or throwing them in the wash at the end of the day. (Click image to shop.)

clothing care 101

#5 Take your clothes out of dry cleaning bags when you get them home & in your closet. If the clothing is left in the dry cleaning bags, over time the chemicals from the dry cleaning process can deteriorate your clothes.

clothing care

Keep your loved ones (I mean, clothes) around for the long haul with these helpful tips. For more style tips and hacks, follow me on Instagram HERE and look for #styletipswithmegan.


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