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I have a confession to make. I hope I’m in a safe place to admit something very serious.Okay…. are you ready? I love shopping! I shop a lot…. like A LOT. I may be a shopaholic!

Hi, my name is Megan.

All kidding aside, I really do shop a lot, almost every day but not for myself, but for you lovely ladies. I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not in a dream. Since this is a part of my profession, I always have favorites. Whether in a boutique, department store or perusing the internet, I see the latest trends, gadgets and must-haves. I can usually predict upcoming trends as well (I did work in Trend Forecasting after all!). With that being said, let me do the honor of sharing my current favorites. They change frequently, so stay with me and follow the blog! (You can see all my favorites in my shop in the Style Yourself Chic Society.)

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1. 7 For All Mankind Distressed Skinny Fit Coated Jeans – These jeans fit like a glove! They are also more versatile than what you may think. Pair down with a graphic tee for a casual fun look or heels and a blouse for the perfect date night outfit.

2. Tonnia Suede Slide Mule – The color, the heel, the overall look! These mules can be worn almost all year long. Have I mentioned that I love versatility?

3. Long and Lean-Fit Leopard-Print Blazer from Banana Republic – Did you really think I could go one post without mentioning leopard print? It’s the new black! It really does go with everything and creates a polished look. This blazer fits long and lean flattering almost every body type.

4.STATE Rodgers Lunch Box – “For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack—packed with essential tools for success—to an American child in need.” Look stylish and do good at the same time! Metallic, coated canvas adds a bold touch to this lunch box perfect for your next ‘on the go meal’.

5. Slip Silk Pillowcase– Did you know that a silk pillowcase helps minimize wrinkles because it does not tug on the skin? Sign me up! “It’s made from the highest grade mulberry silk with a satin-like finish and designed to regulate body temperature.”

Some of these items may be an investment, but I can assure you that they’ll be used often! So it’s worth it, of course! Check out my video on cost per wear if you are wondering when to invest in certain items. Also, if you want more stylish goodness, tips and guidance at your fingertips then consider joining the Style Yourself Chic Society. (Read about it here.)  Happy shopping!


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