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Mothers. They teach us strength, grace and beauty of so many forms. Over the years, my mother who I would describe as effortlessly chic instilled in me many valuable beauty and style lessons. Some of her tips I may have not understood until later in life; while others, I learned from simply observing her. She was a great teacher even when she didn’t realize I was watching.

my mother and I

These tips have become second nature to me, and I continue to share them with my clients as a Style Coach.

#1. The Importance of Hydration. Growing up my mom used to drive me crazy telling me to drink more water, use moisturisers daily, and when I got to high school encouraging me to use an under eye cream. I am now beyond thankful that she instilled these habits in me from a young age. I now loving drinking water (it’s my favorite drink!) and can always tell when I haven’t had enough. Interesting tidbit–if your makeup doesn’t last or your skin appears dry it means you haven’t had enough water. As for moisturizers, I use one AM and PM on my face and neck, and I use a really lovely shea butter one on my hands and cuticles before bed. It pays to hydrate, and it’s never too late to start making this a part of your daily routine.

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#2. Tailoring Is Everything. I remember sitting in the fitting room with my mom as a young girl watching in awe (and often boredom haha) at how meticulous she was when trying on clothes. She inspected every last detail, had things altered and tweaked to perfection, and ultimately did not buy anything that did not fit and flatter her silhouette. I learned so much from my mom’s sharp eye for details, and I love making sure the same attention to detail is applied when shopping with my clients.

Dressing Up

#3. A Third Piece Can Instantly Elevate Any Outfit. My mom and I have very different body types and personal styles. She loves a more streamlined, sleek and neutral look. But she never looks plain or boring. Her love of gorgeous accessories and tailored blazers always elevates her outfits, both casual and evening, to ensure she looks polished and stylish. Elevate your wardrobe and shop leather elegance from our store. Our products are designed to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your fashion choices. This is a styling technique I utilize often when putting together outfits for clients, as well as for myself.

#4. Less Is More. As I mentioned above my mom’s style is very understated and effortless but always chic, current, and sophisticated. She learned from a phenomenal stylist that worked for Jeffrey in Atlanta decades ago the art of mixing and matching, and never ever looking overly coordinated. The quickest way to look dated or like you tried too hard is to be too coordinated or matchy. In the end, less is more always wins the style prize.

Mother's Day

#5. Quality Over Quantity. My mom has always believed in investing in quality, long-lasting clothes that stand the test of time and are extremely versatile. I recently helped my mom cleanse her closet and there were so many pieces in there that she’s had for decades that still look fabulous and are still current. I even snagged a few of her pieces that I can now wear in my own way. She enlisted the help of a talented and knowledgable stylist years ago (and now she has me!) to tell her when to invest and when to save and it’s worked wonders for building her a timeless wardrobe.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Femmes!


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